Thursday, 23 June 2022

Original Space Hulk plastic Terminator

Hey all, just a quick one today, you might have sensed an interest for Space Hulk from my part over time and a little while ago, there's been a paintig challenge on a Space Hulk page on Facebook (how boomer is that ?) to paint one of the original plastic terminators.
And I realised I had never painted one of those monopose monstrosities ! Well only one way to fix that I guess !

Friday, 17 June 2022

The Adeptus Painticus

Hey, so here's my second entry for the Gary MOrley challenge on the oldhammer facebook page. The Adeptus Painticus ! Honestly, how's that not the best model to enter for a painting challenge ?

Wednesday, 15 June 2022

Le Chevalier Ermite de Malmont

Hey all ! So today I'm bringing you one special model !
The chevalier Ermite de Malmont is one of those hobby grails (no pun, almost) for many, an iconic sculpt, not easy to source and therefore quite desirable. "Stop bragging JB, you got one, OK don't rub it into our face !"
Not quite.
The model has been sent to me by a nice friend for me to paint as payment for some models. I would argue that painting a beauty like that is a reward in itself but so was the deal. Of course, with the million projects in progress in my head and on my desk, it took me quite a while to get onto it but since I launched a paintig contest focused on the work of Gary Morley this month on the Oldhammer facebook page, I thought I'd use the opportunity to paint it !

Thursday, 19 May 2022

Ork Nobz in 'Eavy Armour (Or Mega-armour or whatever)

Nobz are the bestest boyz of any waaagh, they're big, mean and are probably the closest thing you can find in ork culture to a concept of reliability.
That's why any good benevolent ork boss would want them protected in the best armour possible. It's also why the meanest malevolent ork boss would want those in the best armour possible.

Monday, 16 May 2022

Rogue Trader Space Marines -Scythes of the Emperor

Hey everyone ! We have something that takes back a bit today with reinforcements for my scythes of the Emperor ! You might recall I had painted all the terminator variants I could need for Space Hulk and had found some closure in that although I could have painted some scouts...
Well looks like the scouts are a little late and I painted 10 marines and a Dreadnought instead !
I have a huge interest in Space HUlk at the moment because I have the oal to play it with the kids soon so I'd rather have options.
Painting beakies might also be my contradictive response to the release of  (and I'm not a Horus Heresy fan) the new Horus Heresy boxset with all sort sof cool models.
ANYWAY, painted models are good models right ?

Monday, 2 May 2022

Röknauts Space Dwarves

Hey everyone ! I was lucky to get my hands on a set of Ontos Games Röknauts lately as their Kickstarter is running ! The project has funded in 5 minutes without a surprise !
Now I have a fondness for all the fun niche bits of the 40k verse like every other fan and Curis has poured a tremendous amount of love into making some of these concepts tangible with his own take on the subject.
The models really capture what I like the most about dwarf models, they're small but BIG, if youv'e ever painted a dwarf model face, you know what I mean, dwarf weapons, dwarf beards are such funs, noone wants to paint knees or elbows, dwarves just keep all the good parts and make them bigger while getting rid of the lame ones.

Tuesday, 5 April 2022

Rogue Trader Bombots !

What I like about digging into Oldhammer is those little gold nuggets you find that got forgotten but were fun concepts. What's even better is when talented people unearth those gold nuggets and make them tangible.
That's what happened with this beautiful concept of Bombots originating from the gold mine that is the Rogue Trader rulebook :

The most Excellent Curis from Ninjabread fame has designed those for the sake of it and I was lucky to get a copy to pay hommage to it !

Tuesday, 22 March 2022

Crashed Aquila and Scatter terrain

Hey all ! Sometimes it's not about painting little models to your finest standard, it's about giving them a frame to shine in and a setting to tell stories in. Well today is about just that.
During one of the lockdowns here, I had taken all my scatter terrain out and started priming it and putting some basecoats on with some help and the lot has been resting in a box since then until a couple of weeks ago when I decided a sunday with bad weather was all the excuses I needed to finish it. It actually took me another lazy sunday afternoon to complete it but that's another 27 bits in the bank !
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