Friday 1 December 2023

BOYL exclusive Merc and Necromunda Spyrer Matriarch

So I've started a lot of projects lately and obviously, before starting them I decided to start yet another ! Now in my defense, it was also to close another, which was painting all my BOYL exclusives ! Worth taking the time right ?
And the last model on the list was this fantastic space merc captain by none other than Bob Naismith. And it was in my top tier even before painting it! 

Now I knew from the start I didn't want this guy to be a stand alone and I had greater plans for him. He obviously has everything you want a space pirate to be so I thought I needed a model to be along him in a Captain/First mate relation for Stargrave. Then I saw that old Necromunda Spyrer matriarch and thought they were the perfect macth, both looking old, one burly and the other quite skinny, one sharp and the other blunt, they were perfect.

Friday 17 November 2023

BOYL exclusive Navigator

Hey all ! Next in my quest to get all the BOYL exclusive models painted : The Navigator, this one is a bit special since it's the latest one (at the time of writing) from BOYL 2023 but it's a first in BOYL history since it 's the first multipart model !

This one has been sculpted by Time Prow and follows the pattern of switching from fantasy to sci-fi and the other way round every year.

Thursday 16 November 2023

BOYL exclusive Necromancer by Bob Olley

Hey all ! I'm in the middle of a stupid number of projects at the moment but I wanted to clear a few items rapidly lately. One of which is going through my BOYL exclusives and getting them all painted to show some gratitude ! Amongst the ones I hadn't painted, there was this Necromancer by the incredible Bob Olley from BOYL 2022 (iirc).

Tuesday 31 October 2023

#dressawilly the painting challenge from TheStillTower !

Hey all ! With the end or Orctober, I wanted to take the opportunity to post these guys which have a bit of relevance with the topic. A while ago, thestilltower (check his Instagram HERE) launched a painting challenge around a dolly he made of Willy... which participants had to dress, hence #dressawilly, get it ?

Monday 30 October 2023

Orktober : Snotlings and Warp energy !


Hey all ! Like every year this time it's ORKTOBER ! Like a way to soothe me from addin another earth rotation to the count, it's the occasion to get more greenskins done !

This year I knew exactly the kind of models I wanted, I still have plenty for the orks but I had a LOT of snotlings and a Shock Attack Gun so those would be entries for sure. Now since I was painting a shock attack gun, I HAD TO paint the pulsa Rocket too since it works on warp energy as well, which also meant I somehow had to paint runtbots, because I'm a nice runtherd who wants to protect his flock.

Friday 13 October 2023

Turnip28 Battle reports from the Octogône


Hey all ! A couple of weeks ago, I had the chance to attend to The Octogône, a gaming con in Lyon (France) where I got to meet some pals amongst which the most excellent Jean Peinture
I had brought a few models in case there was an opportunity to play some Forbidden psalm but I was especially eager to try Turnip28 after reading the rules (which you can find HERE)
From what I read, the rulesfelt simple, fast and most importantly FUN, with just enough random events and silly outcomes, strategic potential to stay interesting for a while with all the cult rules and scenarii, the kind of balance I'm after really.

Friday 8 September 2023

Stargrave family party


Hey all ! So with summer over, painting can start again and I've finally managed to finish the first part of a challenge started at the beginning of summer with the whole family. I've been thinking about playing some games with modesl with my family (that's 4 kids and 2 adults) and when I received my Stargrave Scavenger set I immediately knew I had the perfect opportunity !

Thursday 31 August 2023

2nd edition Marine for the #90smarinechallenge

So if you're keeping track of what happens on  Instagram, you might have heard of Darren Latham's painting challenge #90smarinechallenge which requires participants to paint a plastic 2nd edition marine from the starter box.
I found this would be the perfect occasion to add yet another Scythe to the chapter so knowing full well I wasn't gonna paint the nicest, I had to at least pick THE BEST chapter there is : the Scythes of teh Emperor (no question).

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