Sunday, 4 December 2016

The Scavvy King returns from the underhive

It's been a while since I last dwelled in the depths of the underhives of Necromunda. Luckily, I've been given 3 great opportunities to get back to it.

The first one is a little challenge on the Palatine Hive Facebook page, a page dedicated to that wonderful setting that confrontation is.

The second one is the very near release of Rogue Stars, a sci-fi skirmish game by Osprey which just happens to have several common points with Confrontation and which I'm really eager to play with. Oh, the fact there's a competition for the french version of Rogue stars might have motivated me as well...

The third reason is that I've had the luck to put my hands on a rather rare model and few things motivate me as much as putting my brushes on such minis !

Let's have a look at all the guys :

Tuesday, 29 November 2016

My entry for the Temple of Morikun Challenge !

"Why on earth are you showing us an empty base JB ? Are you that lazy you're not even painting your models now ?"

Pleaaaase, let me explain a bit.

You might remember in August 2015 I made a space ashigaru for an online competition to celebrate Morikun's 300000 viewer. Well this year, he's decided to celebrate his 600000th viewer (he isn't losing time as you can see) and he's therefore organised a new competition.

Since he's spent quite a lot of time and energy preparing something huge, I thought it was only natural to submit something this year, especially since I managed to grab something last time.

Sunday, 20 November 2016

40kthulhu Chapter 3: At the stars of madness...

Here's the third chapter of the 40kthulhu project after Axiom has written the 1st chapter and Gretchin the second one.
This project is recorded on the ammobunker forums and is an opportunity to tie the Lovecraftian myth with depths and mysteries of the grim darkness of a far future...

+ + + + + +TRANSMITTED: Providence
+ + + + + +RECEIVED: Ganymede
+ + + + + +DESTINATION: Terra
+ + + + + +DATE: 3123456.M41
+ + + + + +TELEPATHIC DUCT: Astr. Delphinus
+ + + + + +REF: Inq/90840958940324323432/LA
+ + + + + +AUTHOR: Inq. Gimenez
+ + + + + +SUBJECT: Investigations on Providence (part 1)
+ + + + + +THOUGHT: "Hallowed be His name"

I fear sanity and hope are a luxury I no longer can afford now. In trying times, faith and duty shall be what drives my action and they compel me to record my investigations and make sure they reach the right hands...

Thursday, 17 November 2016

Rescued by a plastic monopose monstrosity AKA the Heroquest Chaos Sorceror

Over the Scale Creep, we've had a little challenge implying to paint every single model from the Heroquest box. To do that we've had the help of guest stars.
Now it's been a couple of weeks since I last produced anything, mainly because of busy week ends, Marvel series in Netflix and lazyness.
When painting mojo is going scarce, I usually pick a stand alone model to get in the swing of things and this time it was this lovely bloke.

Monday, 31 October 2016

Genestealer Ork Hybrids for Orctober !

Long time no see huh ? Well I haven't totally been slacking off ! For a little time now, I've been working on some excellent and very original models, something of a niche inside a niche if you want.
With the genestealer hybrids becoming mainstream again thanks to the release of the amazing new stuff lately, my contradictory self had to play a bit...
Luckily enough for me, Uscarl Miniatures, private commissioners and no other than Citadel helped me get Orctober right.

Sunday, 16 October 2016

Weathering heights - How to clean your palette with mud

Like often, I've engaged myself in a stupidly vast amount of projects at once... The good thing is that I'll be able to show you plenty of cool stuff at some point and that things get done. The bad thing being it takes some guts every now and then to get started given the amount on the table. But hey, this is not me whining or anything, just explaining why I needed a little break.
One of my favourite ways of avoiding hobby burn outs is to actually paint. I mean paint something I don't care much about and that can potentially provide rapid and high return on investment.
So here we are.

Monday, 3 October 2016

French Oldhammer Day at the Octogone !

Just like last year, the Octogone convention in Lyon this year was the occasion for a few of us to gather and have a healthy dose of vintage fun !

To celebrate the event like BOYL last summer. our excellent friends Geoff from Oakbound and Curtis from Ramshackle had had the delicacy of sending us a load of special event models ! I don't know what your definition of classy is but this one definitely stands in my top 3.

An intriguing monk carrying an old hammer and no other than Morcar from HQ fame !

But let's get on with the main reason we all gathered : GAMES.

Beware, there's quite a large number of pics to follow so grab a bag of crisps and a good beverage and fasten your seatbelt !

Sunday, 2 October 2016

The Mutant Brotherhood

Alright, here's the last pair of mutants I've painted (for now) for my group. They're probably my favourite models of this group so far. The first one being a mutant dwarf armed with a powered pickaxe and the other one being some sort of leader or engineer.

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