Monday, 27 February 2023

Troll by Maraud Miniatures

 Hey all, following the dark Goblins I last showed, I thought I ought to show you the troll I painted from the same range by Maraud Miniatures. This guy is quite a big boy, towering over classic troll even when he's seated !

Saturday, 25 February 2023

Dark Goblins by Maraud Miniatures


Hey all, I'm quite chuffed to show you these now. A while ago, I was visiting my FLGS like usual when one of the owners took me aside and said he had stuff I might want to see. Now this is the kind of encounter I was taught to avoid but in a hobby store, all rules stay out at the door.

It turns out he was sculpting a new range of fantasy miniatures inspired and flavoured with all the nice references we love.
The models were built on concept art by  my mate Adrien AKA Jean Peinture (follow both his Instagram and amazing blog)

and sculpted by  the most excellent Alexandre Vallet, 2 hobby friends I have a huge fondness and respect for on top of being lovable human beings.

Tuesday, 21 February 2023

Stargrave Loot Tokens


Hey all ! Bit of a palette cleanser today. I have an upcoming Stargrave week-end with friends in april and though I have painted my Stargrave band a while ago, I still haven't used it for its intended purpose so here's the perfect occasion !
Now amongst the few things one needs to play Stargrave, there are of course a ruler/tape measurer/anything to give you distances on the tabletop, dice (of the 20 sided kind) AND because this game is like its fantasy big brother, a treasure hunt game, you need treasure tokens !

Tuesday, 7 February 2023

Goff Rockers - The Mörkley Krëw

So GW's recent release of the most excellent Goff rocker has seriously itched my ork and metalhead nerves, it's notthat easy you see a model without a weapon (if you leave the ammo belt and squig amp aside) just for the fun of it. On top of that, I always felt that my yet unpainted goff rockers were missing a 4th member  (even if there are several great examples of 3 heads bands). As often I usually seek any excuse to paint some models and this was the one, I had to paint the goff rockers !

Tuesday, 31 January 2023

Ork Boss on Giant Squig and unreleased ork casualty


Hey all ! You folks know there's never a bad time to paint orks right ? So I've decided that it was Orknuary and  I'd be painting orks. Actually, I was triggered by the release of the new Goff Rocker but more on that soon...

Tuesday, 10 January 2023

Giant servo-skull

Hey all ! I was looking at the Stargrave rulebook the other day, thinking of what specific encounters would suit each scenario until I figured out I needed a giant skull robot in my life to guard data vaults, terrorise adventurers or just pose and look cool. As you do.

Sunday, 1 January 2023

Warcry Scions of the Flame

Happy new year everyone ! This one is starting ON FIRE ! Well I actually finished those on the the 31st of december but taking pictures and everything between too much food and beverages meant they're airing in 2023, at least I'll start soon enough with painted models !
Like often, I'm a bit (very) late on some trends so I'm only painting my first real band for Warcry now although I did get the models right when they were released. 

Thursday, 22 December 2022

Rogue Trader Land Raider Prototype

So you know how Rogue Trader is an incredible gold mine full of weird nuggets to dig up right ? It's facsinating to see all the seeds of modern 40k in tis venerable tome. Now there's a model that's reached an iconic status and it's the Land Raider. Unfortunately it's not an easy one to get your hands on unless you're willing to spend a fortune.
Now the magic of life is having talented friends, I happen to have plenty of those and amongst them is Curis from Ninjabread, who sculpted the most excellent Röknauts and who decided he needed to give life to one very specific Land Raider pattern.

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