Tuesday, 27 October 2020

6mm shanties and scenery by The Lazy Forger

Hey everyone ! So, not long ago, I was quietly browsing FB and stumbled upon The Lazy Forger's page and damn I took a gut punch right into my 6mm love.
I've been painting epic for less than 2 years now and I've been thinking a lot about making a table since our first lockdown, wondering what sort of vibe I wanted for it or not. 
While I absolutely love the look of the old 'eavy metal pictures, I was not going to do a "giant building standing on the lawn" thing and to some extent I wanted to tie it with what I already have in my 28mm set (being able to use the same mat would be an added bonus because money/space/energy).

Monday, 26 October 2020

The Nuln Spearman - Tribute


So after painting one the rarest ork in the world (Tribute), I could only try and paint some even rarer model and what more iconic and elusive model than the nuln spearman ?
You've probably heard about it and know its legendary status as the simplest and yet most unachievable models to come by.

Wednesday, 21 October 2020

Braglub, The rarest ork in the world - Tribute

Long time ago, me and my brother Burgers, we was hitchhiking down a long and lonesome road...

Now you are probably aware that there are some models out there that reach absurd levels of fame and price because of their rarity. Amongst those, you can find Braglub. You know Braglub right ?

Picture from Solegends

Monday, 19 October 2020

Great Orc mercenary - Happy Orctober !

Alright it's been half the month already and I'm only having an entry for orctober done now ! 

To be honest, after being very orc neutral for years I tend to jump on any occasion to paint some now and after being offered this fine fella by Jamies from Old school miniatures I knew he had to join my band of mercenaries, just look at the swag of him !

Monday, 7 September 2020

Necromancers - Legions of Nagash


Hey everyone, so little side step here as I took the opportunity to join a group challenge and clear the desk a little !

When Warcry was released, I didn't feel like starting a fresh new band and the ones that I fancied weren't released yet so I thought the smart thing to do was to build on top of my sepulchral guard, I just needed a necromancer (quickly bought and built) and a few more skeletons (quickly built from kits I had around) and that was the promise of great things. Fast forward a few months, world pandemic and all the stuff you know and I hadn't touched any of my additions when Sho3box offered a joint challenge for us to each paint a couple of wizard/apprentice in anticipation of Frostgrave Season 2.

Tuesday, 11 August 2020

Astropolis Robots

You probably know how some projects have the ability to jump to the top of the queue in the most unexpectedly way ? Well that happened during lockdown when looking for an astropolis fleet officer, I realised I had all those little robots who could be done in little time and boost my mojo.

Thursday, 30 July 2020

Zombie slayer or... zombie slayer ?

Alright now, little time ago, Jamie from Oldschool Miniatures kindly sent me an orc  and added this unreleased zombified slayer to paint.
Well dwarves are cool, slayers doubly so and zombies on top ? Say no more, this guy (sort of) quickly moved to the top of the queue.
It's a really cool sculpt from Juan Montano, full of oldschool charm, that paints really well.

Wednesday, 29 July 2020

Rogue trader Lord of change

Alright so a few days ago, one of my fellow hobbyists Mus submitted amongst plenty other things that we do a little group challenge and each paint a greater demon. 
That's of course a brilliant idea in itself but it inrigued me even more because of this :

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