Sunday 27 October 2013

Orktober : the final entry

Do you remember the 27th night of Orctober?
War was changing the mind of defenders
While chasing the clouds away
Our hearts were bleeding
In the key that our souls were singing
As we fought in the night
Remember, how the rockets stole the night away, yeah yeah yeah
Hey hey hey
Ba de ya, say do you remember
Ba de ya, dancing in Orctember
Ba de ya, never was a cloudy daaaaay

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Ladies and gentlemen, here we are, at the end of this beautiful month of october (more because I was born in october than because of the weather let's face it...).

I painted my very first greenskins for the orctober event and I painted the only ones I had. These came in the form of 3 skarboyz (from 91) and a 2nd ed gretchin from the starter box.
Since I had actually no experience in painting orks (or orcs), I decided to have a good look in this very good tome "Waargh the orks" is. It proved a very nice read and I actually learnt lots of things, one of which being that orks actaully had quite a good background at some time. I really loved the "no non-sense" approach of ork philosophy and th elogic behind the ork spread across the universe.
I also had a lot of interest in Ork phisiology with the description of eye colour, the rubber like skin and lots of these. It's these points I kept in mind durng the whole painting progress, trying not to be influenced too much by the painted modelsin the book (though I used the banner and devices depicted. My Skarboyz are as goff as can be I guess but looking through the book ade me realise that if I was to make myslef an ork army (highly unlikely though), I would definitely do a bblood axe one. The picture in the book with the mek repairin g the dreadnought is absolutely brilliant. Dark, not too grim with this slice of surreal which make it perefect for me :

Anyway, today's orks are tough Goffs :

You can see that I didn't manage to give them the original arms as intended. I tried several alternatives with beatsmen, catachan, real human donors but none were looking good to me. I decided to adapt Brian Nelson style arms and though they definitely lack the "old vibe" I find they look quite good on these models.
As for the skin, I was trying to achieve Subedai's orcs look which I like a lot but I overdid the rubber effect on the skin and the final result is not entirely satisfactory, trial and error I guess...

The banner was made by mixing banners form "waarg the orks" with MS Paint and using Nico's tutorial about banners. I have to say it proved a pure deligt and I nailed this banner with no pain at all in little less than 1 hour. I f you haven't tested it yet, run to your painting table and try it. It's completely different from Orlygg's method and though no method is better than the other, I'd just say the former is far much quicker to try though the result can be better with the latter.

Skarboy Nob

Skarboy tough mowfow

Skarboy standard bearer
Goff Big Nob overlord
Looking at them once everything is finished, I realise they don't look "Goff" enough, I tried to limit my palette to the mandatory colours but I think I overused red a little (maybe it's this recent Khornish spree of mine lately). They could have benefitted from more black (especialy on the banner which was started a bit too much with Nico's tutorial in mind.

I hop ethey can find a good home with lots of other orks to conquer the world since I won't add any ne friend to this little party.

No let's just wait for the other entries of this orctober and see if we get a Zomvember or an eldrember someday...


  1. Wow! You got awesome results there! Love the general aspect and the attention you pay to details. Great stuff :)

    1. Hem, well thank you, I actually took a few shortcuts at the end to get this painted for the end of the month so I guess it could have been a little bit better...
      However, it was really fun and I have to say not painting something made for an army or a particular scenario is quite refreshing and perfect for the hobby mojo ! I t also made me dive in the orkish world and it was very nice too. Be sure I'll be back to my first love being chaos though...

  2. They look great Asslessman. Very Orky. I like your banner too. I'm now following Nico thanks to your link.

    1. Thanks, well, if I'm honest (and I try to), the best thing on these is the blood angel helmet, I've never painted a space marine helmet this good actually but anyway ;)
      Glad you dscovered Nico, he's absolutely great and I fear even more awesomeness from him in the future. His banner tutorial is so easy I invite you to try it asap.

  3. It is a great shame you will not be doing any more, they deserve to be in a force and you would be the man to do it. Great skin and I think they look very Goff.

    1. Well, maybe I won't till next Orctober, I can see this becoming a regular event so this could really well be the perfect excuse for me to do irks/orcs without ever considering doing an army, but rest assured, these are going into a force and a proper one ;)

  4. These are probably some of the most convincing Skar Boys I've seen! The over-muscled arms work really well and really help distinguish the Skar Boys from regular RT/2nd Ed Ork Troopers (even other Goffs), so I'm going to steal this idea for when I finally get round to doing mine. And they look proper Goff. Thanks for the link too, I'd seen Orlyggs method for banners but had not seen Nico's tutorial before.

    1. Cheers, I really like Nico's method, simple, effective quick and easy !


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