Thursday, 10 October 2013

For whom the blood flows (and a new Fantasy football team) - Battle Chaos Part 25

Ok, we have seen 3 of the Khorne champions this far. Today's champion is one which as suffered some serious wounds from my conversion spree during youth. My teenager self used to cut parts form every Jes Goodwin chmapion or warrior to add mutations to my chaos space marines.
Some of the casualties have been fixed to their former state and some like this poor chap have been fixed just how I could.

Instead of a halberd which doesn't strike me as a Khornate weapon, I decided to add some spiked mace instead. The tail being gone too, I simply gave the champion some plastic tail from the chaos spawn sprue (a real treasure if you use it as a bits box and not to make spawns...)

Khorne champion with the face of a bloodletter

 The flesh parts were painted normal but with a redish glaze to make it look like burnt or wounded because of too much mutation. I also added some points on the armour to add some contrast in the pure RoC fashion which gives a "living" touch to the armour.

Same champion as can be seen in "The Slaves to Darkness" book

Same champion fighting a Slaanesh champion

Another thing I wanted you to know is that you can now buy some excellent FantasyFootball Beastmen from Beastface Miniatures :

I feel doomed because I somehow managed to avoid the Blood Bowl frenzy so far but this might very be the first toe in a pool of madness.


  1. Nice conversion/repair.
    I would'nt worry, we were all encouraged to convert stuff in the 1980's, especally for Chaos. I converted up a load of Slann for a 40k army, and am only now repairing them and sending them back to Lustria :)

    1. Thanks! Yes, Knowing we all got that syndrome makes it easier on me. It's a funny thing to realise how we were not afraid at all to saw, cul, file without even knowing what we were doing.
      Getting them on their feet is actually very nice.

  2. Nice repair - I thought I was looking at a version of this Champion I haven't seen before before reading the text. I was totally fooled :)

    The chaos spawn kit is great for chaos conversion. Used it alot.


    1. How nice !
      This month you shall see what I've done with one of the bodies (but it's not a chaos spawn); it's going to be fitted for boith my Malal theme and Halloween !
      The rest of the limbs will be put to good use too because I have some renegade riders who need some attention...

  3. Excellent repair! It's always good to see such skilled restoration work. Blood Bowl is a great game btw, don't resist!

    1. Thanks, well I have to say the real tempting side of this game is that a team is a lmited number of players/models so it's always pretty much a project you're sure to achieve.
      I may try it but with other people's teams for the time being. Considering the number I have to paint and my present painting speed, I should keep this blog updated for 127 years... ;)

  4. Replies
    1. hey Matt ! Glad to have you back! Where have you been lately !

      Bloodbowl for the bloodbowl indeed, you couldn't fin a better catchphrase ti sum up this post, well done !

  5. Hey - those beastmen look nice. I wonder who sells them? ;) Thanks for the publicity!

    The newest Khorne champion looks great - nice simple & effective repairs.

  6. Yes they do !

    The khornish boy is one of the simplest of the band, the others are definitely more sexaaaaa!


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