Sunday, 6 October 2013

Gone with the kill - Battle chaos part 24

While I grandly enjoyed reading "Waaagh the orks" and the very nice background you can find in it, today's update is about some more of the Khorne champions. The 2 I 've chosen this time go together quite well since they're built on the same base and both bear a mutated arm.

The main goal for these 2 was to try to make some sort of blending from flesh to weapon for the former and from flesh to claw for the latter.

The first one is one we don't see quite as often as the others and that's a pity for it's one of the more heavily mutated champions. I tried to saty as natural as possible on his left hand and weapon to enhance the fact it's the only human part left.
The snake horns have benn blended from flesh to black but the result is not up to my expectations.

 The second one is very nice too but as silly as it may seem, my main issue with him (just like for the others) was to choose the right hair colour. I wanted something chaotic but not too bright and not too flashy. Then I thought of giving one of them red hair and explaining the champion had been bullied by morons all his life (stupid kids in his youth till inquisitors when he reached adulthood) because of his hair. I decided to let him keep his natural red hair since it's most likely what made him put his first step on the path to chaos to seek revenge. 

My intrepretation of the model is clearly less colourful as the one which can be seen in the Slaves to Darkness book with the traditionnal checkers :

I realise that so far I haven't been able to paint leather flesh or other parts in another colour than a natural. This is mainly due to the fact that to me, gods like Nurgle and Khorne have little if any interest in cosmetics, hence why I painted them all champions in a similar fashion (that and all-red for Khorne tends to enhance the martial look). This will change with Slaanesh and Tzeentch champions whose nature will tend to add some diversity.


  1. Great looking Khorne Champions! For me, there are better models in the range, and it goes to show I've not paid too much attention to these two; I hadn't even realised that the red-haired unfortunate has 3 eyes until I saw your painted version. Nice subdued colours too - there's too much bright red on Khorne models these days!

  2. I have to say these two were not part of my favourite but like always, some models need to be painted to be appreciated. The one with snake horns came out to be a very pleasant one with all his mutations. The 3-eyed would have benefited from more attention but I didn't really know where to go with this one. the one form RoC is a very good interpreation to me.

    The others will come soon enough !


  3. Great too see these up close. Must say I like the result. Great paint job and you really made it with the transition on the flesh stuff, especially like the claw one. The claw is great and choosing black for it i think was the right choice.

    More please!

    1. Thanks, I realise I should have taken photos from the side to show the blending and how I gradually deteriorated the colours with glazes.
      I'm keeping the most funky champions for the end, hope you won't be disapointed !


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