Friday, 4 October 2013


OK, Let's make this one clear, I've never really been big on greenskins. But why should that get in my way of painting some.
Erny is actually having a Green challenge at his place and though I wouldn't normally paint orc(k)s, I've decided to attend just for some change (and to have a good excuse for not finishing the rest of my stuff huhuhu).

But, being somehow not attracted to greenskins leaves me with almost nothing to paint.
Nevermind, let's just go find something in my own "to trade" list and OH miracle! I just happen to have 3 skarboys from 91.

The paintjob is horrible (drybrush overuse), the models are bruised because most of their carrier has been to act as targets for my airsoft gun practices with my younger brother. But this is as good as can be. It's from 91 so oldhammer enough for me, plus the sculpt is good.
Nothing that can't be fixed with a good acetone bath and some greenstuff here and there plus hey! these are skarboys so I guess such battle-hardened veterans can come with some bruises !
Problem is I don't have enough arms for the lot so they most probably will get muscled recent arms (which look quite good on them actually).

Not being as knowledgeable on orks as I am on chaos (thanks to the Realm of Chaos Bibles), I guess my next move is to go get the information where it lies :

I could also look in 'eere we go! but what I'm looking for is fluff so far so this will be good enough.

I'll try to get WIP shots but I'll only show them wen the models are done and I've won the competition MWHAHAHA.

My only concern now is : where did I put my goblin green?

PS : What a shame to realise my 50th post is about orks, seriously... sorry people.


  1. Heh the Ork Bug (Or should that be Squig) gets everyone goner or later lol

    1. Damn, I thought I was above all this non-sense!
      My only option is to get rid of them as soon as they are painted. Last thing I want is the idea of building an army popping in my mind... I've had these arks for 20years and now I want to paint them,
      What did you do Erny?

    2. Mean and Green, that's how we like them, come over to the green side.

      Look forward to seeing your Orks painted up. I like that they are actual combat veterans.

    3. I just won't be able to look at myself in the mirror, I'm actually abandonning my Chaos renegades for some Goffs !
      Shame on you and Subedai for making me want to paint some, oh and shame on Kev Adams too, shame on everyone for taking advantage of my weakness...


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