Monday, 30 September 2013

Of skulls and blood - Battle Chaos Part 23

Just so you have a slight feeling of how I feel about what's following :

I don't especially love the song in itself, it's just it's the one which immediately makes me think about glorious success or great achievements. It's the sound of glory and victory... (plus it's glam rock which is always nice for a oldhammerer).

And why is it you have such a victorious feeling then? some of you may ask (and you'd be completely right to).
Well, I just put the last varnish spray and static grass touches on my Khorne champions. In Febuary, these guys were already standing on my painting table, waiting for some love. They've been a patient lot, I can tell you. Never eheard a complain, neverwhining like some... They stayed with just a layer of red on the table looking with a stiff upper lip and dignity in their eyes.

Well now it's over, here's the lot just for you :

Doing the details and special care on each of them may have taken me the same amount of time than doing the reds, blacks and metals on the lot.
I had to start doing them at once to have a good coherence. Then when the base colours were done, I moved to a semi-individual approach on them. Some of them whith little extra detail or few mutations got some freehand on either armour, shield or weapons. I also tried to give magic weapons to those with no special mutations.

I'll present them one or two at a time but the first one is a special one to me. It was a gift from my little brother who got it from someone who couldn't really appreciate its goodness.
It's the champion with a power mace and the strange mechanical parts. A champion who's quite loosely fantastic and could very well dwell in the 40k universe.
He in fact began his carreer as a berzerker in my 40k army before I decided to him justice and remove the ugly backpack to restore him to his former glory.

Chaos champion with mechanical parts and power mace
 As you can see, the mechanical limbs have received flame patterns to represent the fact they are valued gifts from Khrone and the source of his might. Not visible on the photos here, I added OSL on the heat tank on the top of his back (should have taken pics of that) and in in right eye. ONe silly detail too is the fact I painted his chin and head like he hasn't shaved in few days. I tend to hate perfectly bald characters when their baldness is not due to age. I just can't imagine space marines shaving their head delicately before each mission or chaos champions giving much attention to their outfit (with the exception of slaanesh worshippers of course). So 3 days beard and hair for him and the others.

The Khorne champion fighting against a Slaanesh foe (taken from the Lost and the Damned book)

I'm still working on a good way to take photos and those above are still not up to my expectations. I have to contnue working on this. Anyway I managed to take some better shots of the chicken knight with his lance built (just needs little greenstuff here and there) and with some extra plastic bits to give some more detail.

Next time, some more khorne devotion and anything fancy I can find.


  1. That is a BLOODY (know what I mean) good achivement. They look really good and I can see their blood lust has already brought them on a campaign decending on a peaceful coutryside valley somewhere in France... Looking forward to some close ups.

    What a nice gift from your brother. That one is my favorite Khorne champ as you might know from your "The Best Mini EVER" blog ... Slaanesh coming up?


    1. Well he actually offered it to me in 1998 and though the paintjob was OKish, I wanted to give him more attention this time. By the way the will to do freehands comes from seeing your work, it made me want to paint "outside the box" just a little at least... ;)

      As for the best mini ever, I have to say I'm getting late on the schedule. Definitely have to do something about it. I'm trying to make the Slaanesh poll soon or maybe I'll get the Nrgmle one before (far much easier to get Nurgle photos). Expect something before winter.

    2. BTW: Looking at your blog on the phone you get black background with black text after scrolling down a bit. /Hans

    3. GAWD, Sean mentionned this issue and thoght it was fixed, I turned it to display the site normally which will be far less mobile-user friendly but hope it'll work at least...

      Thanks for letting me know.

  2. Beautiful work and a really excellent red!

    1. Thanks a lot Steve!!,
      the real red actually has more contrast since the edges are almost orange but that doesn't show properly. I have to work on my photo skills (plus antishine matt spray doesn't help much)

  3. Great looking group. Nice detail on your berserk.

  4. Thanks Sean, sure he's gone berserk,

    he's a maniac, maaaaaniac on the field,
    and he's lilling like he's never killed before


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