Tuesday, 4 June 2013

We can do it anywhere !

I'm talking about loving our lead and giving it the time it deserves...

Working in an office as a civil engineer gives you little time to dream and work on your beloved little lead soldiers when you are on a great and motivating project.
BUT... there are times when you have to launch hard calculations or programs that take years (20 to 30 seconds years to be honest) and times you have to spend on the telephone talking to people, listening to people, giving orders to people, well...doing your engineer job.

Now, a man has got to be strong and use his precious time in the right manner. Let's not look at the sky (the weather is terrible anyway) or the ceiling (what's the use), nah...
Let's take a piece of paper and draw and work on your OTHER projects ! OK I admit it takes years to achieve anything but you see things growing at the pace of a tree growing... Puting colours on such a shield requires at least 20 conversations on the phone (provided it's not important calls) or 30 calculations on your computer (provided everything goes well).

I want to add I will not allow myself to do anything more than this, since anything more would require too much attention, thus being a lack of respect to the people I'm on the phone with or I'm  working with. Just consider this as an aternative to drawing 3D cube or colouring the holes in every letter of a text.

On another hand, drawing such stuff on your desk doesn't help with being looked at as anything else than the maniac you are (especially if you start shouting "Blood for the blood god" in the toilets).


  1. Replies
    1. considering the other options are :
      - picking your nose which is gross
      - looking by the window
      - playing with your mobile
      - making something that requires some attention which means it's not 100% to your activity (calculations, phone or anything else depdning on your job)

      I believe it is well spent every minute counts ^^

      Thanks Sean

  2. Inspiration at work is the best isn't it? And I thought I was the only one who shouts, "Blood for the Blood god" while in the loo...

    1. I like to do it in the copier room when I type the "bodycount" (copy number) on the machine.

      But hey! I mean anywhere, are shouts of Khrone devotion worse than teh sound of drowning dumps?

      We are not alone my friend. ^^

  3. I am so pleased I am not the only one that does this...I think there are some work sketches on my blog alerady :D


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