Sunday, 2 June 2013

Hess Poison Breath - Battle Chaos part 17

Now here's Hess Poison breath, one of the sorcerors of my Nurgle warband amongst others.

I really like this one because it is part of a load of minis in the chaos sorcerors/champions that almost has a "steampunk" vibe,  including some of the Khorne champions (these chaps shall come soon on this blog...) or Sli'ith Ironlung for example. Some of these are even playable as easily as fantasy characters as 40k ones.

Hess Poison Breath
 For those who've read the previous posts about the warband, you will notice that I failed on this mini too to avoid the green though I've kept it to the minimum.

My main goal one this like for the others was to achieve the best rusty metals I could and to try to stick the closer I could to Les Edward's illustration colours though my reds are far less bright than his.

The result is not as readable as I would have loved but I suggest you have a look at three flies for nurgle's version which is one of my favourite.

Oh and by the way, a few days ago I was lurking in my bits box and noticed something that caught my eye :

Doesn't that remind you of something? Doesn't this axe in the shape of a pderoctacyl head remind you of a long gone friend? Someone gone too early? No?
If yes, I'm planning on making him come back in an EPIC 28mm way...

See you soon



  1. Beautiful work on good ol' Hess!! Love that colour!

    And my curiousity is going overboard about your "EPIC 28mm way" surprise...

  2. Thanks, It lacks contrast to me, the only good part being the back tank.
    Guess I still have to learn about miniature photography...

    The surprise shall be unveiled soon...(its first part at least)


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