Thursday, 6 June 2013

Kaleb will live again !

I've recently been lurking in my bits box and found a few things that teased me...
Someone dare tell me this is not our beloved DREADAXE, the pterodactyl axe given to Kaleb Daark by Malal himself.

I might want to add some green stuff under the blade to make its lower jaw.

Thanks to Orlygg's fantastic article about Malal, I've learnt many things on Kaleb and his brief journey amongst us. I should have mentionned it in my first post about Kaleb Daark and the chaos brothers but I simply didn't know this brilliant post at the time.

There seems to be remnants of Malal's existence in many ways amongst the fluff and minis of recent GW's productions, a few hints here and there. Maybe it's just fanservice or is it a clue about the love designers still have for the doomed ones...

Anyway, now we have dreadaxe and other epic 28mm pieces, what do we do?

You got it, we're gonna make a brand new model. The aim here is to use every bit I have to try to match the best I can to the original mini but with recent plastic bits.
Here are the ones I've selected so far...

And since I'm lazy as hell, I've even decided to use the magic power of magnets to build only one torso of the guy. This way I'll just have to stick him to the proper legs (mounted or on foot) whenever I want...
I'm also planning on doing the same for the head but I have an issue so far being I can't really find the right helmet. I do have the bat wings to put on it though. I might find what I'm looking for amongst the new High Elves release.(if anyone can help me with a spare shadow warrior helmet?)

I'm also tempted to build an older version of him like if he never had died or like if he had come back from the grave , thus giving him an old or ruined face instead (his powers drain a lot of his energy). Or shall I go for a clean one to match the original mini?

Seriously, magnets are soooo good. It's like playing LEGO but making Malal champions out of it, how good is this?

I'll make updates about this one to show the evolution and to keep me motivated to finish it.

I would appreciate any thought on the matter  regarding the bits to add or the old/original choice and even on the painting style, hardcore oldschool, modern realism or just my regular style.

Shall I cover the base with corpse of champions form the 4 gods?

Any idea...


  1. How about:

    1. Holy crap, what a nice find!

      I bet these two should have some child or maybe would they fight each other all the time ...

      I have to admit the HFH017 version is even better with the severed head (and bare bewbs)

    2. Kaleb's wife! or a gift from Malal

    3. That figure looks pretty bad ass.

  2. I've never heard of Kaleb Daark, but it is a pretty cool project. I like the idea of using magnets to get the mounted vs foot version. I'll be happy to follow your progress on this.

    1. Thanks !

      If you don't know Kaleb, the champion of Malal, I suggest you to read Orlyg's excellent article about Malal (link above).


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