Monday, 10 June 2013

Nurgle Sorcerors - Battle Chaos Part 18

Today's batch concerns two nurgle sorcerors. At least one of them is an official sorceror : Hutk-Nke Plague Priest, the second being the champin with bell staff and sword who looks  a lot like a sorceror to me, his name shall be Rahp'spit.

Hutk-Nke Plague Priest, sorceror of Nurgle
 I'm really happy not to have used a drop of green on this Hutk-Nke, The photo doesn't really show the bottom of his cloak being coeeverd in shit but I find him Nurglesque enough to my taste.

Rahp'spit, sorceror of Nurgle
 Rahp'spit here has on another hand a completely green attire but it was not to fit a nurgle scheme but more becasue I imagined him as a former cleric or priest with green clothing because of his link to all things natural. Better photos wil come to show the work on the cheek to make the cheek bloody.

The photos here don't really show the contrast and though they've been varnished with "antishine" they do show reflections because of the too strong light source (next series shall be better I hope)

Apart from all this, I'm about to finish most of the Khorne champions in order to launch the match for the best mini of the range.
Many people have viewed the site but to my greatest sadness, no answer whatsoever...
Since it's the 25th anniversary of the "Slaves to Darkness" I believe beginning with what's your favourite Khorne champion is highly relevant. If you want to vote and make people vote, please share the link and keep an eye on the best mini contest.  I'm nearly sure most of you  would like to know which campion from the range is the most popular and to make it battle against its Slaanesh counterpart. 
The vote for the best Khorne champion will be in 3 rounds to select  4 out of the 12 champions then 2 from the 4 and then the ultimate Khorne champion. keep an eye...


  1. I think the question might have been too open. Maybe try doing a poll asking people to vote for their favourite era then narrow it down to 30 or so great minis from that era. I just can't think of a single mini I want to put forward to be honest, not without a nudge.

  2. That makes sense. Thank you

    The original idea was to choose different ranges and to determine for each range the most popular.
    For example :
    - The best RoC Khorne Champion (idem for each god)
    - The best chaos sorceror
    - The best regiment of renown
    - best adventurer from the adventurer starter set

    so that the choice has to be made from a dozen of miniatures (if there are more like for ninjas or chaos thugs or anything else, I would just cut the vote relying on the catalogue pages to always keep the vote from a reasonable number of minis).

    and then why not makes battles to determine the best RoC champion from the 4 winners or the best sorceror from the victor af each race.

    I realise I must have been unclear, I just would like people to propose ranges i.e. a type of unit from a specific race from a specific area to sort the best mini from it and then move on to the next unit type.. the reason I want people to tell what they want is that they might be more intersted to vote for their favourite champion thna for thier favorite snotling...^^

    Thanks for the comment, it helps.

    Things may go smoother with the first polls...

    1. I have actually visited the site now! I hadn't before because I had formed the wrong impression. Good luck with it, I will happily be back to look at pictures and click on buttons!

    2. Thanks a lot,

      Oh and by the way I've taken the time to read your mission statement and I totally adhere !

  3. Hi - great blog! The Plague Priest is a favorite of mine and actually painted on quite recently. Thx/Hans

    1. Thanks Hans, you can vote for him when the competition turns to the chaos sorcerors then !

      Please show us your painted Plague priest, the more interpretations, the better.

    2. Hi - It is already up on my blog:

    3. I can be a total Moron sometimes, I had already seen and LOVED it like all I've seen on the blog, so very oldschool in the vibe but brilliantly original.


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