Saturday, 15 June 2013

The doomed one rising from the bits box - Battle chaos part 19

Last time I showed you Kaleb's new embodiment he was just a pile of bits roughly assembled with blutak and some magnets.

This time I'm going to show you a little more.

The next step after drilling and placing the magnets was to create a joint of both receiving parts (the legs) so that the chest fits nicely on them. I started from this :

I added a big putty roll around each receiving part and pressed the chest part on them the way it would be when assembled (I also used saliva to be sure the fresh Duro wouldn't stick to the wrong part). This gavec me the print of the chest part. Once dry I only had to cut off all teh exceding material and do a nice putty blending to reach this state :

The very same was done with the heads.

Once this part was done, I could go on with the actual building process !
The building process happened yesterday night and nothing nor anybody was there to stop me so I guess I overdid it a little... I found so many bits I wanted to try I may have used too much.
(I had to use the wolf cloak, giving a mini something sculpted by Jes always reassures me since it can't be a total failure with JG parts)

 You can see on the picture above I've started to alter the axe to give it teeth, the next step being the lower jaw.

Another great interest in using magnets to assemble parts is that you can paint less parts (the chest goes for both mounted and on foot versions) but you can also give the mini different attitudes :

Dreadaxe, you're my weapon and I will always love you, you know that?

Morning everyone, my name is Kaleb and this is Dreadaxe, my daemonic axe aiming right at your skull.
 This magnet strategy also allows me to give an alternate head to represent Kaleb after a long time romaing in the wastes, his vital energy being drained from him by his powers (needs hair but you get the idea) :

 And at the end of his journey, I can even assemble him as a chaos fiend in a "Pete Taylor way"

Next time I'll do the base and show him aside his oldschool version just to have a laugh.



  1. Cool! Where does his axe come from? /Hans

    1. It's just one of the regular weapons from the latest Chaos knights sprue, I couldn't get rid of the idea it looks like Dreadaxe... I had to make a model out of it to be sure.

  2. Nice! Excelent selection of parts and detail. Well done.

    In the comic I remember him having one eye bigger than the other which was black IIRC are you planning on doing something similar?


    1. Yup, I've always seen it as a malestone eye though I don't know where that idea came from. He's definitely having a big eye anyway.

      Expect updates for this week...


  3. Love the modular conversion. Can't wait to see him painted up.

  4. You think I'm gonna paint him soon? Nah, there's penty of room to add extra bits everywhere. there's a drastic lack of skulls and spikes and horns and...
    Oh sorry, I'm overdoing it again, you're right, next time, we should see the end of the preparation and then the painting. As I'm engaged in a painting challenge at the moment (I'll post about this, some minis may get more love before him but be assured he will have proper care in little time...

    Thanks Sean (love your new blog outfit btw)

  5. Asslessman - how have I only discovered your blog today... the shame... the shame the delicious shame.

    This is awesome. But I agree on the woeful lack of skulls. I would also add some bat wings to the armour somewhere either on the edge of the pauldrons at right angles to the knee guard or perhaps on the shoulder opposite the Dreadaxe...

    1. Ahaha, Minitrol, it's funny you shall mention this because I've just updated good ol'Kaleb this week and I added skull and a batwinged helmet as well to get the closest to the original concept. Some post shall come soon...

      Welcome on board !


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