Friday, 7 June 2013

There can be only one (or a fistful at least)...

Ladies and gents, I am proud to announce you that  I'm launching a competition to decide what could be the most acclaimed mini from all the ranges we love and cherish.

I'm telling you rigt now, I've not heard of any such competition so if it alredy exists, tell me I'm a moron and I'll shut everything down.
If not, please by all means tell me what you would want to see in this competition and make it yours !

The page is here Best Mini Ever.

Oh and if you ever have a blog, a website or even a mailing list and you love this idea, please spread it. I'm not aiming at a "views" or "followers" record here, but I just want everyone to have his/her chance to propose a range and to vote for his favourite mini.


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