Wednesday, 19 June 2013

More Nurgle followers and the ultimate fun painting challenge - Battle chaos part 20

Here are some more Nurgle champions.

This one is special to me since he is one of the 3 first I got (back when they were packed in lots of 3 for a ridiculously low price). It's the 3rd time I paint this one after making him a chaos marine and then repainting him with a PJ that did'nt suit me.
When I started to paint the other folks, I felt I had to clean him up too and so he went straight in an acetone bath. This time his the most pleasant version (for me at least) and I finally managed to paint him without using any drop of green. I believe the result is good enough to prove Nurgle doesn't always need green (OK the static grass IS green, I 'll give you that).

Nurgle champion with Sword
 The second one is not my favourite of the lot but I do like his dark aura. I believe the snaketongue is what turns me down but I didn't have the courage to alter this mini. Colours on the photos don't show up as bright as they are so I'll need to sort out a new photography method.

Apart from the chaos champion that have had most of my love until now, I've felt it was time to pay attenton to my Rogue trader chaos army as well. It's just at this moment I heard about the fun painting challenge of the oldhammer forum. It was just the perfect occasion to get my fingers moving. Though I was tempted to enter the challenge with my Kaleb Daark, I wanted to give these guys some time and I wanted to present something "Old" enough for an "oldhammer" project.
So here are the primed participants to the project :

- 1 Chaos Dreadnought
- 5 squats with power armour
- 10 traitor marines
- 1 chaos lord in terminator armour

I've only primed and given them a quick highlight with a zenithal grey spray to give more depth to my black, but I still have got plenty of black shades and multiple highlight before it looks good.
The end of the challenge is at the end of July, I'll keep you updated on this one.

Oh and concerning the Khorne champion competition, don't forget to vote if you still haven't :

We're only 4 days to the end and 2 champions have a comfortable advance on the others but it's not too late to make your favorite  go to the semi finals !


  1. I like the rusty/ dirty armor look, that is how I envision Chaos warriors. I liberated some old Chaos Knights from my parents house and perhaps I'll get to work on them. I haven't voted on the champions as I'm not really familiar with them. I could probably learn a lot from looking over there.

    1. Freed from a long exile in your parent's house, I guess those guys will get berzerk once they step on a table! (Looking forward to seeing them)
      If you don't know khorne's champions well, I'll make a special gallery for those who make it to the semi-finals so that people have a clear view of their value.
      I you ever fancy a special range, you can also submit it so that the next competition helps to determine the best mini form it.


  2. That is a very nice collections of renegades. Seriously jealous about the dreadnought. I actually just started with a few renegades myself to accompany my Khorne champion I'm working on. Thx/Hans

    1. Thank you but now comes the hard part, I won't be able to fool anyone on a pure black paintjob with these...
      For the Dreadnought, I'm actually considering getting a second one just for the fun of painting him completely in the pure "crazy oldschool" fashion, this one being intended to fit in my upcoming army, thus receiving a more conventionnal treatment.
      We'll see what come out of all this, I don't know myself.
      Thanks Hans, I hope we can soon see the result of your champion and his retinue!


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