Monday, 28 January 2013

A bit of make-up and new friends - 40K Chaos part2

My chaos spacemarine leader got some luv' and some make-up with teh help of the incredible guys from Hobby shop in Grenoble. If you ever come here, pay them a visit, they rock.

They helped me get the hang of what I wanted this army to look like.

There still is a lot to paint on this one, but this is the result I'm aiming with this army, black, dark, dark black and black dark. There will only be light touches of red and metal where needed but no gold or shiny bling for these lads.

I also dug in my dead lead box and found these littles guys I massacred when I got them 15 years ago. I had to strip them from their 47 layers of thick paint and repair the damage done by unskilled converting and now I can sing "different strokes" when putting these guys on the table as chosen.

hey hee, hey hoo... Well... Chaos squats

Squats were weird with their drunken biker feeling, chaos squats on the other hand always looked fine to me and though these minis are really tough to paint, i felt like ding them justice...

Since I want this army to have a vintage vibe with the dread and some other pieces, I will also add full units of chaos traitors, but everything in its time... For now it's gonna be TERMIE TIME !
The termie lord is an absolute must-have for any reasonnable chaos player/leadaddict. I wanted to give him an Horus feel and decided to just add him the lightning claws from the termie sprue (though this sprue really sucks compared to lots of others).

Chaos terminator lord with lightning claws
The chaos terminator lord sprue is kinda like the terminator sprue, it sucks. Nonetheless, I took it because I wanted to have as many entries I could and I wanted to use the daemon weapon on a sorcerer. I also like for sorcerrors to have a hand using something else than guns orthings like that, I like them to cast spells or in this case to open a copy af Harry Potter to unleash hell on their foes. I'm currently working on an Arhiman version casting a spell with his free hand.

Chaos terminator sorcerer with daemon sword

Don't know what else to say...

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