Saturday, 2 February 2013

Magnet magic and heavy support - 40K Chaos part3

I've recently had the opportunity to go looking in my deadlead box and found 2 more chaos traitors (from the Perry twins) amongst which one is the heavy weapon bearer with the mk6 helmet.
Since his multimelta was not an option with the codex and the weapon itself looks like shit, I decided to give him one of these wonderful chaos heavy weapons I have left. I actually chose an autocannon more for the conviniency of the conversion than for the rules of the weapon itself :
Chaos traitor with autocannon
This guy still needs some green stuff to merge the weapon with the rest but nothing impossible here.
Amongst the other treasure that arose from my search was a converted Ahriman that was just the base I needed to start with a sorcerer. A simple change of head and staff (both used for a terminator tzeentch champion) and the hand from a missile launcher bearer to make him look like he's catsing a spell and bob's your uncle !

Chaos space marine sorcerer with force staff
And since it was Christmas a few days ago, I also had a wonderful touch to add to this army in the form of a ferrocentaurus. The mini is reaaly imposing and since I'm not planning on waiting for next christmas to get a new one, I wanted mine to be as versatile as could be. I've aleady tested rare earth magnets on smaller projects but this time was a debut with mounting huge arts like these.

I use cylindric magnets which are 1mm thick and 2mm in diameter. I drilled the holes before mounting the hole mini to have as much acces I could and to help me fix any problem. Sinc rare earth magnets are really powerful, I estimated only two magnets would be enough to stand the weight of the weapons and to make sur they're placed the right way. Three would have been good though but I was lacking room on the parts and getting 3 drills aligned on both parts was a too much pain the neck.

Magnets are in place
Pas de bras, pas de chocolat...

Since I decided to give some attention to the ectoplasma cannon head by adding the askull part from the apocalypse cannon, I realise two magnets are the absolute minimum to hold such heavy pieces, yet , the head doesn't fall when I hendle the mini and unless i shake it, it won't go away. Now at least I can get all the option from the 'dex just by removing bits in th eblink of an eye! How much cooler can it get? (Yeah I know, I could had boobs to it but it would be waaaaaay too cool...)

I removed the tongue from the bestial head since it looks silly to me, I'm actually considering adding green stuff flames instead...

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