Friday, 11 January 2013

At your command - Battle Chaos part2

Okay now, we've seen before that we have our Chaos champion and a sorcerer friend of his to lead the chaos band to war. I also decided I wanted to use satanic iconography, not because of any personnal belief but just because I believe it fits a Chaos army as well as any other thing.

One of the main inspiration I used for the devices on the flags and even the choice of colors comes from the comics "Requiem" and the tatoos and spiritual drawings you can find in here. If you don't know this comic by Pat Millls and Olivier Ledroit, I highly suggest you to read if you don't mind about violence, moral deviance and superb drawings.

The first units to come were with no surprise 2 blocks of 15 (well 16 since it started a few editions ago) Chaos warriors. I'm going for a black armour with a bleached bone cape. The aim is to use as few colours as I can to keep a strong link between the units :
Weapon and shield unit command

Weapon and shield unit command

A few pets to follow my men and keep them warm at night would be pretty nice too not to mention they are absolutely brilliant as cannon fodder or to be a pain in the ass (a flank can do just as good).
Chaos pets

I will develop the army's background and fluff but the idea so far is that it doesn't come from the wastes as chaos warbands usually do but rather from some Imperial province or somewhere in Bretonnia. These Chaos warriors are disciplined, they are well equiped and they follow military strategies rather than just running towards the ennemy. All this discipline vanishes when in close combat where their rage explodes and they just become maniacal butchers.
The talent of Lothar, the champion mentionned in part1, is to have added to this discipline the raw and brutal force of bands he has encountered in his path. I've added units with a less refined look which was a good occasion for using these incredibles Jes Goodwin Chaos warriors :

The rank and file of the plastic warriors is less interesting so I only showed the champion, musician and banner. For the old wariors, each of them is a wonder to paint. I'll update with more of these guys, and the champion I converted for them with the musician and the standard bearer.

Then we'll see the other elements Lothar has gathered around him like beastmen, snakemen and so much more...

More to come...

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