Sunday, 6 January 2013

At the dawn of an army - Battle Bretonnia part1

Today is gonna be the presentation of how I began my Bretonnian army.

Bretonnia is the only army I've ever collected that can be considered in the "good guys" box. There will be Eldar in some time but I don't really consider them good but more on the "I don't give a shit, I do what I want" style like Honey badgers.
So why Bretonnians?
- Well because they have plenty of knightys and we all agree that Knights are cool,
- because they have hot chicks and that can be considered cool too
- because they rely a lot on medieval France and though I'm no nationalist, I kinda like the idea to relate them to real places.
- last but not least, I had had an idea of doing a "holy grail" themed army for a time.

As I said, Bretonnia is strongly linked to France and most of its name come from real french places.
It's with this idea in mind I began my army.
Since I come from a great region called "Bresse"

I decided I would have this region as a start for my army. With a bit of imagination you could place my region in the vicinity of Quenelles :
Bretonnian map
And as you may or may not know, Quenelles (in french)  just happen to be a special recipe of my region :
Quenelles are a delicious specialty - They feel so right in my mouth gaaawd
I believe this is no coincidence since you can find many easter eggs like this one in all the Bretonnian fluff.

But let's get to point, I mean minis !

Just like I do as usual, I always pick up a Champion or a hero to get the feeling I want for my army.
But just before that I had to choose a device for my army and I obviously chose that of my region : Bresse to fit the purpose:

The device is perfect fo me since it's a common one for which you can easily find decals and it's the one on Louen Leoncoeur's shield and gear. But since I had no will to paint a lion on all the minis, I decided that blue would be the color given to the Duke to all his knights with his own device and that the white lion on blue device would only be carried by him, his heroes and unit leaders (you'll undestand better with the pics).

And there came this guy :

I guess you can all feel the good "holy grail" vibe from him...
I had the idea to do the whole army like this and then a whole unit and then I realised I would go lacking different minis to do it easily and I just decided this guy would be a champion.

Since no Brettonian army can exist without a hero and a great banner bearer I made these :

The standard bearer is supposed to have the armory from Normandy (where my wife comes from) and I did from the memory I had of it.


The lions on the shield are facing THE OTHER WAY MORON.
Like in here :

Too bad for me, guess I'll just have to hide this one from all my friends in Normandy and to all of my step family...

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