Wednesday, 2 January 2013

At the dawn of an army - Battle Chaos part1

As I'm beginning this blog with the intention to share my vision and love for old lead and even recent plastic, I'm fully aware that there are already numerous and brillant people who are already doing an amazing  like Delaney King, Nico or Three Nurgle Flies to name a few.

I believe love of minis is like the others and is even stronger when shared.
Though my intention is to show some old lead, i fell like starting this blog with the start of armies.

I've always collected armies for the coolness of their minis and the opportunities they bring when it comes to conversion and painting. This should explain why a lot of what you'll see in these pages is chaotic and strongly linked to the two bibles that the realm of chaos books are.
But let's get to the point.

When I'm thinking about a new army, I want it to be lead by a badass motherfucker. Nobody wants to have an army that took years to paint lead by a quiche-eater who will shit his pants at the first enemy.

It's why a few years ago I decided to make an army of my collection of chaos champions and  various chaotic stuff.
And it came out I had a pretty good Idea of what I expected to be my leader from memories of Frazetta and Bisley drawings. My poor modelling skills gave birth to this guy :

His name is Lothar Mc Heix and I will tell you his story in a near future. He is a sort of chaos wanderer that would unite all the crazy ass champions he would encounter in the wastes. With him as a start I can build an army and make him grow stronger as time goes by. (some of you will remember the heavy weapon/helmet of thousand eyes was a cool thing a few years back and it kinda oriented the vision I had of him...)

Immediately after this lad, I had to give him magical support and there came these two :
Some of you will have recognised our dear 073130/11 aka "Warrior with sword and bone armour 1" or "Jeff" and his fellow skeletal companion. The little magical flames on the sword were a test which turned out to be a bit disapointing to my taste.

The rest of the army should expand from these guys and from the idea I had to make a chaos army inspired by satanic iconography and by listening to too much metal.

More to come...

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