Sunday, 6 January 2013

At the dawn of an army - 40K Chaos part1

Since I'm showing the fondations of my latest armies, here is a special one.
I've been collecting minis for more than 20 yeras now and I began with loads of Jes Goodwin chaos champions, warriors and 2nd ed eldars. I then started collecting chaos space marine with the release of the 2nd ed Codex. The army I began at that time had a weird color device which made it look like Christmax trees because I was very fond of Khorne and Nurgle and had the idea a Dark angel green and blood red army would be über-awesome. Though a lot of my mates told me it looked like shit at the time I never changed a thing.

Until I faced the truth and admitted I neede a serious army. I will probably show some of the old stuff later on but for the time being I will give the start to the mk2 version.
My will for this one was to convert an army of chaos marines a short ime after the Horus Heresy or after it has turned Chaos.
... And I wanted no horns, I mean NO HORNS.
 I don't know why the guys in Nottingham decided that space marines gone bad would want to wear horns like barbarians of old time but I don't like them. Maybe for a few Khornate legionaires maybe.  I decided to give chaotic backpacks only to champions and heroes (the first to get the attention of their new gods).
The new style GW have given to the dark vengeance is for me a crowning achievemnt, a very good compilation of th old look and a nice futurist style with awesome sculpt.
But this army was begun 2 years ago, it's why you won't see dark vengeance stuff right now (we see metabrutus everywhere anyway).

Tis is the leader of the army :

The photo is not clear but I'll updat ewith clearer pics. The thing is he is a good combo of sorcerer/lieutenant/chaplain styles that allow me to play him in the role I want. I only used plastic components and nothing more than glue in an attempt to do like Aly Morrison or Jes Goodwin in some of their articles. The use of this body on a ruin gives the impression he is going to take of to jump on some poor soul.

From the back, you can see how I managed to grow him some sort of Twisted fly wings on the backpack :

A great addition for a retro feel (and now a good metabrutus) : The chaos dreadnought.
This one will be painted in a near future as I want to link him with the new version.

For those who lurk on ebay, chasing for antic stuff and and remnants from the golden era, you can quite easily find old heavy weapon chaos sprues. I bought a fair load of them to equip as many people I could. You can find a missile launcher, an autocannon and a conversion beamer. The conversion beamer being just for thecmarines nowadays, i found mine a good place in the hands of... Well, I'll tell you later.
The missile launchers were for the marines since it's a quite versatile weapon to give them.

They fit so nicely on a normal missile launcher they seem to have been made fo this exact purpose. At the moment I glued the back packs, I realised it was a blessing to have chosen to give the "rank and file" marines a simple imperial pack since it wouldn't have fitted with chaotic ones... :D

The autocannon also fits very nicely on the Termies but you'll have to wait for pics of them.

Cheers everybody.


  1. Hey what happened to my gay-pink-guitar-player chaos marine?

  2. He's having a cup of tea with Devin Townsend and Steve VAI at the moment but he shall soon come back...


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