Monday, 28 January 2013

At the dawn of an army - Battle Undead part1

Ok, now

Here's the last army I started for WFB (mimics creepy voice), an UNDEAD army. How cool can it get?, you don't care about your soldiers dying, THEY'RE (un)DEAD !

I'll stick to my rule and start with giving these lads some leaders to go ta battle.
Since the army general is of great importance for such an army, I had to give him everything I could to help him on the field.
Vlad von Karstein is an absolute hit for me, I really love the dark nobility in him and your really feel through the mini this guy isn't here for fun.
I also love the rules for Mannfred von Karstein and the fact he can mount nearly everything attracted me. I chose the Varghulf with an alternative head :

And because everybody needs somebody, I felt like givin't Mr Longteeth here a nice lady. The female vampire GW sells was one of the only options when I started (the new Isabella wasn't released) but her head was just not what I wanted. Though her head kinda sucked, I remembered how great and noble the one from Lucrezia Belladone is and I tried some surgery to mix both minis :

I know what some of you will say and you'll be right, the upper part is nothing more than a copy of the actual mini. I'm not planning on copying minis or anything but I wanted to try to copy parts to be able to reproduce in large numbers some of the conversions I made for large units. It also saved my life for 2 chaos dragon-ogres of mine missing the tail part that I was able to copy this way from a mini I got on Ebay.
Anyways, this is done with an excellent mix called Silligum which consists of two gums which solidify but remain flexible in just 5 minutes, you just pour resin in the mould and 10 minutes later you have an excellent copy of the part you wanted. This method cannot allow to copy whole minis but only parts and it's just fine the way it is...

So now...
We have a fine couple missing something..., undead are not known for being great parents but maybe they can take good care of a pet like a giant werewolf?
Since th Varghulf cannot fly, its mini doesn't need wings, and since I already used its mini as a mount I needed something else. The idea of a giant undead werewolf poped into my mind and turned into this.

Bits from a chaos spawn, legs from archaon's mount and the head from a chaos hound (plus minor green stuff addings).

Since the photos uploaded here aren't the best to show clearly what it's all about, I'll undercoat them or take new ones.

For now...

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