Sunday, 27 September 2015


You may remember I once wrote I needed a drunk for my 40k games, well I actually meant I needed drunkS because let's be honest, while being drink alone has got to be the saddest thing ever, being drunk in good company can lead you to... well unexpected levels of stupidity or fun (sometimes both mixed).
After getting my hands on a couple of nice old models I thought the occasion was too good not to expand my very little collection of civilians for Rogue Trader.

The 3 models on the right are part of the Orc villager set by Trish Morrison while he one on the left is a madboy by Bob Olley. As you can se both ranges are full of character and are just perfect to make NPCs in games. I could actually get plenty more drunken orcs if I needed...

Orc villagers (picture from Solegends)
But since 3 of the models were meant for WHFB, I had to change them a little to make them look cool in Rogue Trader. The job was a very quick and rough one as the base models aren't really examples of neatness in the first place (while being very nice and characterful, look at those poses and faces). Most of the job was to cover the fur and add shoes to give them a slightly less rural fantasy vibe.

But I had to go a little further painting wise to tie them to my vision. The Olley Madboy was firstly tied with the "Red Sturz", my space ork warband using the same colours and back plate to link it to the group. The other received some cool T-shirts relying on some groups of legends as I had done for my space metalhead.

Amongst the references you will probably spot :

I have to say I just had to add Infectious Grooves at some point since I've been a massive fan since 1994 with the release of Groove family Cyco. I still consider it one of the most influntial rock albums  (for me of course) of all times

That's what you're supposed to see on the second orc's back
As far as Stop the madness is concerned, it is without a doubt the most influential group of all times for me but maybe it's just because I have a little bias towards it...

Just because I'm a nice fellow, I can't help but share another incredible song from Infectious groove (and partly because I'm unable to share any song from Stop the Madness...)

The picture below is clearly showing a great lack in my collection now : terrain and scenery. I have in  mind to fix that rest assured, I think before this year's end, I should have plenty to do ;)
For now, I'm happy to see Darrel has finally found some friends to play and dance in the streets with...

"- Watcha doin' here humie ?
- I'm an ork Dude ! I feel so totally green !
- ya skin says the opposite though !
- then let's see what my fist says "
While some others will have to face the consequences of their wild behaviour...

"- you're a frigging shame for us you know that ?
- Oh c'mon, just havin' a little fun here
- yeah, thanks to ya we're gonna struggle a little more getting contracts now !
So here we are, the far future is a little less grim and dark and a little jollier and silly !
Hope ou like those, they'll probably never get any big role in any game but even if they' just stand in a corner, they'll surely add a load of atmosphere to any table (just need to build a bar now).


  1. :D :D :D
    Pure genius! You did it again, I didn't see these coming! Amazing what you can do with some imagination and good work!!

    1. Thanks Suber, I thought noone had seen this post ! (probably the spanish pun attracted you ^^) For some time I've wanted to have drunks and it turned out they're mostly orks ! I'll have some more prostitutes and some junkies too to populate my tabletop streets just to gve this cyberpunk vibe I like !
      Glad you like them mu friend !

  2. The streets of your Futureopolis are going to be grim hives of iniquity, populated by the desperate, weary and soiled, great and monumental architectures loom with danger lurking at the peripherals, awash with a strange blend of culture, race and creed. So basically Paris with more bionic eyes. It's cool, I dig it ;)

    1. Paris with bionics is not that far from the idea indeed !

  3. I like these, I have similar plans for similar miniatures.

    It's not a party without music though, those guys could do with some musical accompaniment...

    1. not a party without music indeed, you have already covered a great band so I'll probably wait until I have found the right models but a festival should be considered at some point !

  4. Sweet painting and conversions, I hope we'll be able to hear more about Stop the Madness in the future :)

    1. Thirs album has been pending for 10 years or so but who knows...
      Maybe when I find a proper way to upload some titles I'll let you guys enjoy !

      Cheers !


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