Monday, 14 September 2015

2015 Give-away results : and the winner is...

Well after a week or so now, I guess it's time to determine who won this year's little give-away to celebrate the 200th follower of this blog.
Just like for last year's event, I've decided to use my trustworthy Excel sheet. It does look like crap and it is terribly not romantic or poetic like rolling a dice but there are times when the cold hearted engineer in me takes control and does things the cold hard way...

This year, 26 participants have taken the time to state what they'd want to win and that just about the same number as last year with a few new heads in the lot.

As you'll see below, the magic happend right when I pressed F9 (yeah I know I should have used a VBA button instead) and the stress of all contestants could end :

Congratulations to Airbornegrove26 for his submission which got the favours of the MS Gods ! I'm really glad the award goes to him because like all the other contestants, he is a very nice guy and I really enjoy his work. His proposition is also very evocative  as he's chosen a battlemaster knight and the falvours : Stillmanian and Frazetta.
This is little surprising as he's had the chance to visit the Frazetta museum and is very fond of the Nigel Stillman approach to gaming (not to mention his chaos army already has some very cool conversions of battlemaster knights).
I'm still struggling to see how to integrate the Stillmanian flavour but I have a little idea to do it without giving 3 coats of gloss...

You'll also understand I was quite relieved to draw this entry as it's actually one I can achieve. This year's submissions were particularly inventive and some of the themes have left me speechless...

Union worker, flaky pastry, atariaxia, wow, thanks a lot Suber, you really think I'm that imaginative!

Shotgun, mixer, gaping : Sean, as much as I'd have loved to see you wining after winning 2 of your give-aways, I just couldn't find any way not to make a very offensive model with those ideas...

Comedy, tragedy resistance : Oh the ideas come to mind right away ! cheers 24 cigarettes

Oh and for those wondering, yes I DID google ataraxia and gaping (glad I didn't do that at work or with the kids around).

Some other members deserve a medal for their ideas as the Kermit puppet or the explosive chocolate...

I was quite surprised to see the random model with 3 flavours wasn't picked since it represents nearly a third of entries ! Like last year, some models were more popular than others and the mordheim fanatic and champion of the emperor were some of the popular ones this time :

You know it's easier to read with a pie chart so here's one :

Now the real question is : How do I mix this imperial battlemaster knight :

With Nigel Stillman

And Frank Frazetta :

Well, you'll see my friends, you'll see ! I'm actually very eager to try and see and to make something that could work in Thomas' army !

Up to  my modellist knife and brushes now !

Thanks a lot to you all for taking the time to submit an entry, to follow this little piece of internet non-sense and thanks for supporting me by blogging, commenting and painting like you do !


  1. Whoa I won! How about that. ;)
    I can't wait to see what you come up with JB!!!

    1. I've ha dsome time to think about it at lunchbreak an dI have now a pretty good idea of where I want to go ;)
      You'll see !

      Congratulations !

  2. Can't wait to see what you do with it JB!

  3. Congratulations and nice mash up. I don't know what will come out of this but you'll sure stand up to the challenge ! Rise a knight !

    1. Oh and btw, very nick pick of one of Frazetta's greatest painting !

    2. It's a classic and one I'll try to draw inspiration from as well. Hard to pick bad ones with this guy !

  4. I just learnt the definition of a new dirty word...that I could have lived the rest of my life quite happily without knowing :D

    Thanks JB :p

    1. Yep, english is a 2nd language so i'm litterally learning new words everyday, wasn't expecting this one and not sure I'll have that many occasions to use it again (especially if you consider my nickname) but hey, learning is getting better so that's all fine with me !

  5. Congrats to Airborne, I think this will be a great project. Having seen his army in person I'm excited to see how you mesh this figure with it. Sorry about the word "gaping" it was from a random generator, and yes, you will have to clear your browser history after doing a search for it. :-0

    1. I get it better now, it would have been a fun project though, I think there might have been ways to actually make a very safe model depicting all these but this time it's Airborne's model !

      Cheers Sean.

  6. Excellent! To be honest, I'd be happy to see any of the entries. I really like this idea as a contest and the results are bound to be unusual and unexpected :)

    1. You'd be happy because you wouldn't have to model them yourself ! Joke aside, I really like not to know what's gonna happen and seeing the crazy ideas people come up with !

  7. I cannot wait to see the result of this! And thanks for the medal! :) Kermit puppet made me laugh when I thought of it haha.


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