Monday, 2 December 2013

Why go the obvious way when you can go the silly way ? - an ode to the hobby God

There is a Hobby God, that's a fact.

I can't prove it but the hints and clues everywhere in our hobby are so compelling that it feels stupid to deny this truth.

Go ahead and get painting you lazy naked fool !

You don't know what I'm talking about? Come on ! Dare tell me you never ever got yourself in one of these situations :

- Lad's rolling his saves for the last wound of his general "Please don't roll a 1, please don't roll a one (rolls a triple 1), NOOOOOOO"
- You're in the middle of some tricky modelling and the glue just keeps gluing the piece to your fingers instead of the model.
- You finish the best paintjob ever and proudly show it to your mates until someone points out the flash you forgot to remove and now everyone including you only sees it.
- You realise you could have cast another spell, or used a remaining dispel you had forgot and the game just takes another way...
- you fail every instability/stupidity/animosity/whatever test in your game
- You're looking ni your bits box for pieces to add to your latest conversion and the pieces you want to add keep coming until you've sorted out 3 dozens of them.
- you realise your latest project is nearing its end when you come across a new unit you never cared about and now you want a 30 man strong one (plus the hero which has to lead it and all the other units that need to go with it to make it effective) , ruining your plans to go on another project...
- there's this particular mini (you know which one I'm talking about) that keeps falling and breaking game after game, pining after pinning, repair after repair...
- You lose a superb ebay deal for a silly reason (failed sniping, wrong bid typing,...)

There are countless examples of this (feel free to share yours), and someone has to be responsible for all of this (though 80% of the time it's only because of our own clumsiness I admit).

But sometimes, the hobby god also starts to smile at you and when he does, you come up with the best of conversions nobody ever thought of, you win battles that were doomed from the start, you manage to actually paint something the way you meant to...

This Week-end, though the hobby god didn't consider me worthy of getting my paintng table back amongst all the housework, he at least blinked my way...

I was starting to consider that I wanted to make some vehicles for a change and that my chaos renegades needed some motorized reinforcement.
Amongst all the boxes to be opened from my moving home, I found 2 boxes of Chaos space marine rhinos I had bought for nothoing from a closing hobby shop.

Yeah I'm a brand new /fresh from the forge 10000 yeras old tank, got a problem?

Just tell me this was not a sign..

You still want to deny the evidence? OK, here's for you : the morning after, I opened my deo stick and realised it was finished, empty...

Do you see where this is heading? No?
A guy wants to make a vehicle for his chaos renegades and he just happens to find 2 chaos space marine rhinos boxes and an empty deo stick and this still is a fluke?

Just to be clear with those of you who are not into all the oldschool gibberish, yes I am going to assemble these two rhinos and make them fit with a regular chaos spacemarine force. But it's been nearly 23 years of hobby for me and I have yet to build a grav-attack. 
For those of you on the Saint Thomas side of the force, I also found some star wars toys in the boxes, there's no quetsion left here, I have the pieces and it's all about answering the best way I can to the Hobby God calling now... (and getting my hobby table and tools back).

I hope to be able to paint something this week thanks to my comittment to the hobby god...


  1. Ye praise the Game Lord!
    Couldn't agree more, all those pieces need to be assembled together. I'm eager to see that grav tank!

  2. That's a sign from above alright. Get cracking on that grav attack vehicle.

  3. I think I'm still paying for my years of absence from the gaming table with my poor dice rolling...

    Looking forward to seeing your mechanised force!

    1. My little tip for what it's worth : I always pick the dice which ar ealready showing a 6, it means they're natural "six givers", it seems to please the hobby god and though I'm a poor strategist, I often pass critical tests, important saves etc...(that and I never say, not a one, not a one...)

  4. Thanks for your warm approval guys.

    The hobby god was with me yesterday !
    I had a first go at it yesterday night and made a dry assembly with blu-tak and though I don't want to raise your expectation level too high, I think we're on a killer combo here !

    I should be able to post WIP photos before the end of the week.


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