Monday, 30 December 2013

So long 2013...

Yep, another review, but at least this time it's mine !

I don't know how to put this so I'll stick with the methodic way my job has taught me (being an engineer really does give weird habits in every day life...)

What I have painted this year :

That's 53 models (about one per week) if I'm counting right and that's apart from any moddeling or work in progress. I guess painting at the same pace but in a more ordered way could lead to having a nice collection but I'm afraid I'll keep the habbit of painting whatever I feel like painting...

What I have played this year :

  • a couple of games of Neuroshima hex which I liked a lot
  • a couple of games of Munchkin which I also happened to like
  • A lot of games of coups d'un soir (I'm afraid If you're are not french or at least speaking french, you won't be able to enjoy one of the most funny card games EVER)
  • A LOT of kid games with my 3 years old daughter
  • Skyrim and finished every possible thing to finish in it until I had the platinum trophy
  • Final Fantasy XIII-1 and finished every possible thing to finish in it until I had the platinum trophy
  • Final Fantasy XIII-2 and finished every possible thing to finish in it until I had the platinum trophy
  • Hannah Montanah the movie and finished every possible thing to finish in it until I had the platinum trophy (in 4 hours) 
  • Dishonored and finished every possible thing to finish in it until I had only 5 trophies left
  • absolutely NO GAME AT ALL of any wargame with actual models whatsoever
  • absolutely NO ROLEPLAY whatsoever

I think you inderstand now how all of this could be improved...

Personnal side :

  • I moved home twice in the year which is twice more than I could bear
  • I made another child that has yet to be born but shall come VERY soon (matter of days now)
  • I got my 1st Kyu of Kendo and I'm on my way for 1st Dan (black belt if you want but you probably don't)

Blogging and life on the net :

Stats wise, I end up with about 15000 views which is some sort of low average from what I see but since I'm not after numbers this is not an issue. 66 followers, I don't know if this is high or low figures but the more the merrier and the more I get comments and the more I get to know new people.

The views only started in April when Orlygg did me this very generous to promote my humble blog on his realmofchaos and this started it all (otherwise I had only 100 in 4 months before that). From this time I had the chance to get a lot of comments and new followers and this is clearly what I'm after. I've learnt a lot from you people and from what you've told me and apart from learning I also had really great fun and felt like connecting to some of you.
Yes this is kind of a love declaration but I really enjoyed getting to know some of you even on virtual level...

Honesty time : When I started this whole blogging thing I really was certain that there were just a fistful of guys talking about their hobby on blogs. I spent something close to no time on the net and so I got to discover ne blogs as new people were coming here. I came quite late on the old hammer train though I've been in the business for as long as I can remember.

I'm sorry if some of you came here and didn't find what they wanted but I'll thank all of those who stayed :

As far as articles are concerned I still don't really get if the views mean anything about their popularity so I'll stick with the comments left.
I've also registered on the oldhammer forum where I post once in a while (ok maybe a couple of times a day) and on the old hammer facebook group (even though I had promised to myself never to get on this site again) and once again, great people, great help,but also models and help offered in a world I thought rotten...

Some other things I started (and have yet to finish) :

  • I wrote a book with a friend I have yet to correcy and publish
  • I am making an open source old school RPG video game from scratch with a shitload of quests already written by me, a completely new engine designed by friends and original graphics by a real artist with musics composed by many people including me.
  • I want to make an old hammer model become a reality and I want it to be something special.
This is of course apart from any half painted model... Those will just be finished as they come and as it pleases me.

What Do I want to do with the new year...

Well, I'd say finish at least more than half of what I start, I 'd like to meet some of you in real, I'd like to get as much fun and joy than I have this year and most importantly I'd like to keep a cool head and enough time for my family (without which nothing would be possible).

Whatever 2014 brings our way, be it good or bad, lead or plastic, I just wish you and I have enough fun getting through it to keep no remorse nor regret from it...

Now if you want a precise review of what I'm aboutto achieve this year, I have absolutely no clue so please just hang on with me and let's see where the path leads.

Thanks a lot people, see you next year !


  1. Super ascension de ton blog, c'est largement mérité et c'est très sympathique de voir et revoir les figs qui ont bercées ma jeunesse...

    sinon, chouette collection... j'aimerais avoir certaines pièces et surtout peindre autant que toi ;)

    j'ai un squat en chantier en ce moment... c'est toujours quelque chose de s'attaquer à du rogue trader...

    à bientôt et bonnes fêtes...

    1. Merci, comme j'aimerais peindre comme toi on s'entend bien ;)
      J'ai vu le squat et je dois avouer que la scéno et tout m'ont mis l'eau à la bouche. Entre lui et la veneuse tu nous prépare du beau.
      Bonne année à toi !

  2. Hannah Montanah.... I laughed so hard when i saw you played that. BTW one of the Big Cock searchs was me ;)

    1. I was real hard blackfucking when I searched Chico! Lovely models Mr Assless. Well done!

    2. Thanks guys, and happy new year to both of you, it's been a pleasure to spend some of 2013 with you, hope to get more in 2014...

      Chico, you have to know I did this for the trophy only, some friends called me a platinum whore so I showed them what a platinum whore really is. These were the 4 worse video game hours of my life but still very fun.

  3. Congrats on a successful year! Excellent models total - you just need some games in which to use them in 2014!

    1. Well technically speaking, if I just play one game it will be a tremendous improvement of my gaming record so I think I should manage something here.
      Happy new year mate !

  4. Wow, what a statement! I'm really glad this blog is getting increasing worldwide attention, as your work here is delightful. Scrolling down and seeing all you achieved this year is terrific. So well done, hope your imminent newborn son comes with tons of joy and for sure we will keep on sharing this strange hobby over the net.

    Happy new year!

    1. Well spending a part f the year alongside the likes of you as been a great pleasure. I didn't know here would be such an emulation spiriy in all of this. Every penny I've put in this hobby has been given me back ten times (even though my wife only sees the paypal bills...)
      Happy new year mate !

  5. Woah. Hang on. You've painted 53 figures, you wrote a book, made a video game, moved house twice, got some or other martial distinction in Kendo, clocked a whole bunch of video games... and you have a heavily pregnant wife and a three year old?

    Can you let me know the name of the vitamins you're taking?

    All I can say, Mr A, is I'm glad you're up here on the blogosphere and I look forward to another year of whatever frantic activity you get up to...Happy New Year!


    1. No vitamins, I just love what I do and try to avoid what I don't like as much as I can when real life doesn't come in the way...

      This is a very nice compliment and I return it to you with all my heart. This was just the practice run, now we're getting serious!

      Thanks a lot and happy new year !

      (oh and the book has yet to be corrected and the video game is far from playable, hopefully I'm not alone on any of the 2...)

  6. Hey Mr. ALMan,

    Well done I say! I agree with Gaj, that is a pretty impressive roster of accomplishments! And it is great to see your 2013 minis all together. I love that first picture especially. Anyway, Happy New Year and I look forward to enjoying more of the Leadplague in 2014.

    1. Thanks Private. Happy new year to you too and may it bring as much joy to you as you brought us with your marvellous stories. Now is the time to get inulimited fun !

  7. Congratulations on a successful year.
    Love the Chaos Renegades :)
    Hope you have a great 2014 in all areas of your life, and I also look forward to seeing what excellent stuff you post over the coming year.

    1. Thanks Lee, It will be a pleasure to go a little further on this blogging road of ours alongside such enjoyable people as yourself.
      Have a great 2014 !

  8. Happy New Year JB! I wish you and your partner all the best with the birth, bon chance.

    1. Happy new year Paul. I send you my most sincere good thoughts fo rthis new year mon ami !

  9. Great post. I like the visual reference of what you painted this year. I wonder if the people searching for giant cock were disappointed? ;-)

    1. Well joining all the pics made me realise there wasn't as much as I thought but I'm happy with it cause I learnt à lot from it .


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