Wednesday, 25 December 2013

Merry Christmas - may the lead be with you

Merry Christmas to you all my fellow model addicts (or "Ferry christian" as the auto correction tool of my wife's phone seems to understand it).

I took the Christmas opportunity to speedpaint Sanity Claws yo can see below. 
All I can say about it is that I'm not happy at all with it and that speedpainting is not something I enjoy most (even though slow painting doesn't please much more) I'm an "efficient painting" kind of hobbyist I guess...
Watch him closely because he's going back to acetone to get ready for next Christmas...

And since all of you must be full of chocolate, turkey, duck, goose, gravy, foie gras and all sorts of light things, here is some naked lead to help you through this...

I took an hour to sort out what I really had in my eldar army. It was built at the very beginning of the second edition  and it has many rogue trader references as well as more 2nd ed stuff. I'm quite happy to say that apart from a couple of models like the musicians and some leaders, nearly everything has been collected "back in the days" and therefore didn't need much help from Evilbay or from other fellow old hammerers.

 I'm not showing you the aspect warriors as all of you know them all by heart but some parts are interesting enough to be shown.

 Like this (2nd edition) warwalker trio with a converted pilot n the middle with Eldrad Ulthuan banner pole to put a  big banner in the most RT style...

 A 2nd edition dreadnought as already shown in a previous post with converted pose.

 Some swooping hawks based on 40mm bases to give them a somehow more "aerial" look.

 A dire avengers squad containing all sorts of guardians from rogue trader days and 2nd edition and the fiorst version of dire avengers.
You can note some of the old guardians must have been some sort of prototypes for the avengers (with hair crests and macabre face masks).

A mix of RT guardians with a more recent warseer

Some harlequins needing 2 more friends to make the unit a 10 man force. I really want to start pianting them but I have absolutely no clue as to how... I know I don't want all the colours of the ranbow in them but I want them to have a strong visual impact. I have to find something about this.

 Some more guardians with all sorts of origins. I tried to give every unit a musician, standard bearer and communication officer (which are actually D-Cannon spotters). My zoat will be played as a heavy weapon team until I get enough of them to field a proper unit.
Most hardcore oldhammers will notice I used new platsic weapons on the gardians. The reason for this is very simple : I built them before getting my hands on Dettol. This means I bought new weapons to give them and that I equiped them with new gear. Now I have old plastics stripped I could change the weapons but do I really want to go through the hassle... unlikely to say the least.

After these posts about naked lead I will get back on showing painted models as it is the most interesting thing to show with good battle reports and scenarios.
The rooster knight is nearly done and if my paintng lamp had not crashed down tonight I would be painting him as I'm typing these words.

Once again, have a wonderful time with your relatives and if my son doesn't come out before the new year I'll have some things to show. If he decides to make it in 2013 well, you'll know my silence is due to a very happy occasion !


  1. Well, you are keeping spirits high! That army looks impressive even unpainted. It looks like you have some serious work to do all year long!
    Enjoy your Christmas, best wishes for your incoming son! :D

    1. Thanks a lot, I sure have a tremendous amount of work for this year and I am going to add even more alon the year as I always do ! The only important thing is that I finish enough of them to stay happy !
      Wishes appreciated mate.

  2. And a "Ferry christian"/Merry Christmas to you Mr. ALMan! That is a lovely Eldar force you have there! And hey, I second Suber's well-wishes for the birth of your son! All the best, Private W.

    1. Ferry Christian to you too Private ! Wishes appreciated too , this is going to be another "little man" to play with ! (far less toxic and far more funny)

  3. Ferry Christian! Oh, those Eldar make my heart hurt, as the space elves were one of my first loves. Much later on, though. Must have been 3rd or 4th ed...?

    Anyway, re: Harlequens I agree that rainbow colors tend to be a bit much, but maybe a couple of complementary (but bright!) colors arranged in lots of patterns, like the classic diamonds. I've always been a fan of light blue and bright orange.

    Anyway, have fun painting all of that amazing leady goodness.

    1. You know what? They say hreat minds think alike and this excatly what I had in mind. I even went for an online colour wheel to get the colours I needed! We'll see how it turns out. I'll wait to have a couple more of them to start painting though...
      Thanks Mattias.

  4. Beautiful Eldar collection! Season's greetings my friend.


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