Thursday, 5 December 2013

Pimp my ride - Rogue trader style

OK, let's get back to cruising hobby speed now !

I haven't managed to get all my hobby stuff yet but I do have my bits box and tools plus an empty deo stick which was looking at me with a little high voice "pleeeaaase, I want to liiiiive, I can still help youuuu..."
It's 23 years I'm worshipping Chaos and I still have a soft heart... An asslessman can't be a heartless one too.

 This should be the starting point of every good Rogue trader vehicle or grav-attack

Do you see all the potential that hygienic device has to offer?
 But look at what it can become...

Since I have been doing some work at home, I still have some useful tools around, so what better tool than this powerdrill to drill 20mm holes in a model? MWAHAHA
(I admit I had never drilled anything this large in a model... this has to be my personnal record.)

Some little glue here and there, some pinning for the rocket launcher and here you are!  I really like how the whole thing is really long so that it has a very dynamic look. You can even notice I left a small gap when gluing both parts just like in the original concpet by Rick Priestley.
I chose to add an open hatch so that the pilot can be seen. It's also because I want the engine to be driven by a marine and it would feel awkward to have one lying inside the damn vehicle whereas here, you can see that he sits in the vehicle with the head out.

For the rear, I considered making the big central piece some sort of reactor but it gave the model a sort of "F-Zero" vibe that didn't please me at all. I decided to make it the central demonic engine and to put 2 demonic looking reactors/exhausts on the sides. I may find a big Hades Autocannon which could be a very good option to mount instead of the missile launcher.

Now we have a pilot and an engine, everything from here is just bonus. Since the vehicle has a too much "racing hoover car" look now I decided to add the shoulder plates of the Forge fiend to hide the side reactors I want to add. It enhances the chaotic feeling of the engine (thus making it lose a bit of its retro/vintage look alas...)
Basic plan here is simple, just drill the pieces ...

 and draw on the deostick, where you want them to be...

Then drill your finger like a moron to add some of your own blood to make it a genuine demonic engine (optionnal phase)

And here you are ! you have the start of a perfect chaos grav attack !

 I'm not stopping here on this one, next steps are :

- Adding a sculpted demonic face on the front of the car,
- eating as much lollypops as possible with my daughter to get enough plastic tubes
- adding a lot of random exhausts pipes (hence the plastic tubes) from the front of the engine
- adding spikes and hooks wherever it fits
- add whatever it takes to look even better and fix it on a base (in progress)

Now though all this little work seems to fit quite nicely in a typical oldhammer approach, a good blog post can not end without showing some lead.

So here are the various adventurers, pirates, mercenaries, gangers, heroes for rogue trader I've managed to gather so far. Each line more or less corresponds to each of the bands I'm building

Do some of those faces look familiar?

On a more personnal note, since it deals with this hobby, here is what I managed to build for my "little men" and myslef with hard work, harsh language, plasterboards and blue paint :

From this ridiculously small pinkish orange monstrosity
To this glorious hobby altar
Now, it's time to get serious about it and eat some lollypops. Next post about the fresh smelling chaos grav-attack or about anything else, who knows?


  1. Nice man-cave. The GAV is coming along nicely too, can't wait to see the end result.

  2. It's just the start of it :D, I'm planning on putting any crazy idea I may have on this one ! Even if I completely mess it, it will be no big loss so it's all win for me !

    Thanks Paul

  3. Nice idea! Seems Chaos has a heart for the environment and recycles ;)

    1. AHA nice one !

      I was actually thinking maybe it's a twisted plan from Nurgle to make people abandon personnal hygiene...

  4. I can imagine where this is leading and I must say I LOVE it!
    Besides, being consecrated to the Dark Lords with your own blood... well it has to count!

    1. Well, now you know when I say I put a little bit of myself in all my creations it's not a figure of speech...

      Thanks Suber

  5. Looks great so far. How are you going to base it? Standard flying base? I was thinking you might be able to have chains with hooks dragging along the ground disguising the support.

    1. I've taken a 60mm flat base on which I've glued some high imperial building ruin just like on many of my other RT models (chaos or eldar).
      I'll just pin both together when painting 's done and though it will not look very realistic when seen from below, it will be good enough fo what I intend to do. The chain idea is a good one but I never managed to make a chain stay in place ni a realistic way while making it solid enough. I'll show you the base in the next post so that uou can tell me what you think of it.

  6. That is one awesome rear end! The GAV is coming along nicely too ;-)

    1. Thanks a lot, the GAV doesn't have to be like its maker...

  7. Very nice too! I recall several years ago attending a 40k campaign weekend, where anyone fielding a GAV got some special bonuses for their army. Conversion work looks very neat & tidy :)

  8. Oh sure it does, because I'm only selecting the right angles to shoot photos !
    I've got a ton of things to add on this one, yuo may even not be able to see the deostick underneath afterwards. One thing though, I still don't know how to make the propellers on the sides...

  9. Nice hobby space. I may leave out the optional bloodletting if I try this scratch build.

    1. I have to say I have mixed feelings about this pat and might skip it next time too...

      Cheers Sean


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