Friday, 8 November 2013

Unleash the 3 beasts - Battle chaos part 30

Ok, back on our khorne champions :

We have 3 bestial champions now, all of which having bestial attributes.
First one has a warhound face and what appears to be a vampire blade. I really love how the sword ends broadly to make it good for chopping and not for piercing.
This model proved to be one of the most enjoyable to paint in the series because of its very good sculpt and very crisp casting.
I had to change the colour of the fur during he painting process becuse brown fur didn't suit him at all. I opted for an albinos fur which gives him individuality and colour-wise works far much better.

I just don't know why Jes decided to have hime let his tongue out like a puppy :

I also painted the mouth a bit too pinky so it actually looks more like a skaven than a warhound but nevermind.

Next one is a very interesting one. He also has a warhound head mutation but his mutation comes clad in a huge helmet looking almost excatly like a warhound titan head

 Just look at this warhound titan, heads are just the same (picture form Bryan Ansell's collection taken from Steve Casey's Eldritch Epistles :
Who came first? the titan or the champion?

Last one is a funny one. He is the one champion that always looked like not being very Khornish to me. The chains coming from an ancient slave past, the crooked back, the calm pose don't match with my understanding of Khorne worshippers unlike the rest who all look like a bunch of psychotic maniacs.
I hope Private Weird will bear no grudge to me on this one, but I find him a bit out of place here. Anyway, the catalogue reads Khorne champions so he goes with the Khorne champions :
I don't know if it's because sterotypes die hard but I realised after painting that though I had painted white skin on his hands, I painted his face brown which added to the afro and the slave chains made a weird mix...Though I painted his face brown so that he would look like the beast in the beauty and the beast, I found this association a bit awkward ...

As I 've said before, it's the Jes Goodwin champions that really got me into modelling and painting and for a long time, the only models I was buying were chaos champions and chaos warriors sculpted by the same Jes Goodwin. It was a good thing because I got nearly all of them when they were available in stores (even though I massacred quite a lot for conversions). I even got doubles because they were sold in groups and I couldn't wait for new blisters to come. Anyway my first version of this champion got torn apart to serve as a chaos space marine sergeant and his parts were given to so many conversions I've lost the count.
A few years back I decided to gather what I could and build something out of it :

Et voilà ! We 're almost done on our Khorne champions path. I don't really know what will come up next but there should be some intersting things.


  1. Very nice! Good clean painting on the Khorne champions. And the conversion from the bits left over is great too.

    1. Thanks a lot, I'm going to explore more funky painting though now with Slaanesh and Tzeentch being next on the list :)

    2. After seeing this post, I went back through your other ones and looked at your other Khorne champions. Really nicely done, the reds you've achieved are very vibrant, without being orangey.

      Although I like painting models of all the Chaos gods, I'm a Tzeentch follower (as you might have noticed by my little icon!) so i look forward to seeing what you do with the minions of the Great Conspirator!

    3. To be honest, the photos show the red a bit more vibrant than it actualy is and the edges are a bit orangey though not bright yellowish ornage like on proper old school models. I've recently found that cadmium red is m favourite colour to highlight red in a good way (one I like I mean). I've usd t on my Goff Orks for my Orktober entry and I've really liked the result.

  2. These are some of the prime examples of the Khorne Champions (and some Chaos Warriors/Marauders) that I think would make a really interesting Hawkmoon/Gran Bretan themed warband. These are beautifully Khorney though! :)

    Really enjoying going through your blog from the start, in between coats of paint and ink washes drying. Already ready Orlygg, Zhu, and Warlord Paul's entire back catalogues, so your's was a natural next choice in the Oldhammer canon.

    1. Ah thanks ! I realise I've upped my photo skills a bit since these guys ! Thanks a lot for taking the time !


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