Wednesday, 13 November 2013

The fabulous "enchantier" - the WIP post

Well, to make things clear I'm neither a level 15 Bretonnian wizard nor an "enchanteur" (which would be the proper term to describe a magician in french). I'm just using this little pun from warhammer armies (3rd ed) to describe myself since "en chantier" means something very close to "in progress"
I do paint a lot these days and I've even had the time to complete some things but a lot is at a "near completion" state. It's why I'v decided to complete everything I could to empty the painting range a bit.
The following will just be a quick glance at my latest projects to show how far they've gone. I have to say though I tend to dislike filler blog posts of poeple jus saying "I didn't do anything but I'm telling you anyway" I actually do paint a lot and feel like sharing it and it also give sme the extra motivation to finish things since I don't like to show unfinished models for too long.

Anyway here we are :

Kaleb Daark (2013 version)

This one is moving slowly, I've begun metallics and will only add mithril highlights here and there when the rest is more advanced. I'm actually very motivated for this one since I finished a lot of red models lately and I'm getting the hang of it.

I'm painting the trousers red because I want my new Kaleb to wear red tartan. Don't ask me why, I have no idea why, it's just the way it is (apologies in advance for any tartan fan if I shamelessly copy a cool device).

 I also add this inquisitor since I'm painting in the exact same colours as Kaleb, his progress is at the same level as his chaotic counterpart. I've treated his armour as being completely worn out and rusty (which doesn't show on the blurry pic) while the weapons an dgear will look bright new. I want to make it look like the armour has been passed on generations of inquisitors for milleniums.

The rooster knight :

This one is advancing well. The rooster is even more advanced than what's shown here and I'm very pleased with the way it looks. All options for the knight are done and I added Green stuff where need to blend the arms on the ody s that even with the magnets you can't see where the parts join.
This is going to be a center piece in my army.
I have to say the grey prime as proven really useful and I will consider this option more serioulsy for a lot of coming models. It has just the right coverage and allows to paint both bright and dark colours on top. Really a good one.

Coming projects :

I've been offered to paint a Rogue trader techmarine from Bob Olley. I must say I was quite terrified at first. Bob Olley's models always come with "too fine to paint" details and textures you never know how to paint to look good. You also get a lot of hollowed eyes and weird organic shapes. They're not straightforward minis I'd say.
I tried to forget about all this and gave the model a grey undercoat. I then started to paint things as I felt and I have to say it's an absolute pleasure to do so. All the parts I thougt who be tricky turned out to be very nice to paint so far. There's not much left to finish this one and I'm adding a little bit every night. This is the kind of model which really raise my painting standards because they make me quit my old habits.

At last, I managed to get anough chaos androids to make a unit (maybe 2 more would come in handy to make a 10 man strong unit).
I've added a necron to make a fitting leader and I paln on changing his hand wth a plasma pistl for something more exotic. I will paint them black to join my RT renegades and will play them as noise marines in both RT and later versions. (couldn't find anything better)

So here we are, lots of things done, lots of things to be finished and a lot more to start but it's all taking shape nicely. Expect some finished models pictures soon (if I don't get mad before with my changing home and real life getting in the way).


  1. I realy love the way Kaleb's horse and the base are coming together, I can't remember the last time a mini made me that jealous!

    Everything else is superb, as always, of course.

  2. Well both base and horse skin colour will be attempts at stealing some of Don Hans' vibe in my humble way.
    Thanks a lot for the kind words, hope the models are up to them !

  3. Lots of progress, looking good. Considering that all I ever do is post unfinished stuff I won't hold it against you.

    1. You know you have plenty of good subjects to keep us interested. I'm not as brilliant when I get off topic so I try to stick with posting model pics.
      Thanks Sean


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