Monday, 18 November 2013

The finishing blow

This weekend I've been painting a lot. I mean something like 3 liters of paint must have gone of my brushes... to the wall of the bedroom...

OK, that's silly I know. Anyway, I also managed to take the time to actually finish some models too. One of which was started 3 years ago and whose paintjob was mostly done 10 months ago. The fact that it only took 10 minutes to actually finish it felt both good and ridiculous.

Hrothyogg is one model every one has painted or wishes to paint and one which nearly always comes out the same way :

You all know him because he's part of the picture of the monsters in both WHFRP and WHFB 3rd ed. He nearly always come out painted with a red ogryn face and trousers with blue and white stripes.

He's also very famous thanks to this brilliant drawing from John Blanche. 

As you will have noticed, no white and blue stripes here. After completing mostly everything but the trousers, I felt some mixed feelings between going the oldschool way or my own. I ended up taking none and giving him simply the best trousers ever. I'm sure you know what I'm talking about :

The guy doesn't often wear trousers, I'll give you that, but when he does, he wears some bad-ass yellow tartan device. And this is exactly what all my Jes Goodwin ogres are going to wear too.
I'm apologising in advance for anyone who think it's ridiculous and that I'm mixing all sorts of things meaninglessly. I am.
I've not completely mastered the tartan skill though and I hope it will turn out better on the others...
Oh and by the way, you may remember the superb lot I won and talked about recently. Well, acetone did what acetone had to and it did it well. Before and after shots :

Shining lead, how gorgeous can it get?

Good Ol'world Jack lost his retro bright red suit but gained facial expression

The 2 troopers (Imperial light trooper and Imperial garisson trooper) got rid of their nasty xenos slime coat and got the respect due to 2 of the first Rogue trader release :

 And I saved the best for the end. The ugly green paint mass got out after I don't know how long years of captivity in cryo carbon sh*t and revealed its former glory :

You may not be able to see it clearly but the shoulder pad depicts a lovely boar head so finely sculpted I could die.

 I just don't get why such a lovely and fnely detailed model ended up with so much paint on. This is a Bob Olley squat. One of those models where Bob got as far as to sculpt eyelids and nosehair. The modelshows inhuman sculpting skills and deserves the best. I ope it wil get it. At least it will have my full attention.

Speaking of Bob Olley, There's something else queued up from the lad I'll show you this week if you're kind enough.


  1. That is one nice looking mini! Well done.

    I actually like the Tartan quite a bit. And isn't mixing all sorts of things meaninglessly (but in a deeply personal way) kind of what the old-school ethos is all about? Chaos is chaos after all...

    Its a little embarrassing, but I don't actually recognize the image of the gentleman with the axe and the tartan. Who is it?

    1. Thanks Matt !
      I hesitated wether or not to show a close-up pf the tartan. Maybe I should put it so that people tel me frankly what it's worth.
      If you don't know th efine lad below the ogre, his name is Slaine McRoth and is the hero of a comic by the excellent Patt Mills for 2000AD (ABC warriors, Judge Dredd). He is the first high king of Ireland in the comics and sI welcome you to discovering the 4 first tomes by the brilliant Simon Bisley who gave birth to an iconic figure with this character.

      You are right about the perosnnal side of things it's why I don't bother much about if it looks oldschool or new school or whatever, if it looks good to me, it probably will to somebody else...

      The ogre is not to be especially chaotic though, I'll make a unit of ogre mercenaries all coming from the same clan (fluff and background to come when I get on the other lads).

      Fare well and post us some new shiny toys soon !

  2. Heh Mr Ass I need to liberate that Space Gobbo and Far left Squat (First Squat i owned as a youngster) from you so they an join the glorious hordes (Or whores) of Chico

    1. Sorry mate , mutantdale just picked them and the trade has been sealed . you 'll have too be quicker than him next time but i guess it's no easy task

  3. Lovely Ogre. Impressed by your paint stripping - is your acetone actually nail varnish remover or can you buy just neat acetone (and if so where?). How long did you leave the figures in the acetone?

    1. I use regular acetone, found in any supermarket in France for about 3€ a bottle (I can look at the bottle if you want to know if it's pure or has anything else in it). I use only acetone for metal models since I've never found anything better for stripping in about 15 years. Dettol is only for plastics.

      To answer your question,
      you don't have to leave the model long if the paint is thin, I've just stripped a maurauder giant dropped 1 sec in acetone and a little brushwork (brush dipped in acetone too) got rid of everything.
      For the hard cases yo ucan see above, a third was completely stripped afetr a 1 hour bath + brushwork, another 3rd got a overnight bath +brushwork (including old world Jack and the Bob Olley squat) and another third needed another night in acetone because the enamel was too thick in recesses.

      It smells bad and I strongly recommend using a special mask not to feel funny bu tthe main advantage is that it dissolves the paint rather than removes it. Main problem is that it evaporates quickly which means bad smell and acetone level dropping quickly in the jar if you don't close it correctly. Th estuff also gets rid of both cyanoacrylate glue and eppoxy glue.

      Killer product.

    2. What section of the supermarket did you find it in? Household cleaning? Cosmetics?

    3. Its generally with household cleaning with white spirit, white vinegar, chlorhydric acid, 90° alcohol, linseed oil and things of the sort.
      You can get it in DIYs too (in France at least) as it's mainly used to remove traces of paint and other solvents. Hope this helps.

  4. The yellow tartan is very nice, I think the figure came out well. Ass for the used lead, wow! I would never have guessed in a million years how nice those figures were. The amount of paint obscuring them was mind boggling. To be honest, I did not think you had anything good under all that paint. Man was I wrong.

    1. Thanks Sean.

      To be honest, I knew I had some gold nuggets under there but I wasn't anywhere near thinking I had so many good models under there !


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