Sunday, 5 May 2013

Nurgle Warband - Chaos Battle part 12

This time I finally managed to nail most of my nurgle Warband at once. I took a series of photos to field them at once on a table :

I'm gonna show them one after another so the first of the lot will obviously be the champion on his nurgling palanquin.

The warband in itself was designed to try a new approach (for me) as painting was concerned. I was trying to avoid the "clear greens with too good to be true stains" and got most my inspiration from the "lost and the damned" cover with the warriors clad in rusted armours and brown outfits.
A little detail is that these minis almost met their doom when I varnished them with an outside temperature of 2°C with my airbrush. The result was a perfect white layer making them useless and the guys at my local store saved them with a new layer of love and antishine spray (hence the weird brightness on some of them).

The result is far less readable than what I expected but gives the overall ascpect I wanted.

Nurgle Champion on Palanquin

Music lovers will have recognised "Fat Albert Rotunda" from Herbie Hancock below my champion but that was just to give a groovy tooch to the photo...
Old lead lovers will have noticed the lad lost a sword and gained an heretic plastic axe. Well I have to confess in the days of old when I got my young hands on this fellow, I had the most silly idea to give him a tech weapon in the form of a chainsword. 1 year ago when I finally decided to give the guy a good acetone bath to get him a good paintjob, I granted him the best I had which was this axe. Now it looks oversized to me but HEY how more EPIC 28mm can this be?


  1. Those are some great-looking models! Well done!

    I also quite like some of those trees in the background. Very twisted and grim. I recognize some decorative lichens for the smaller branches, but what did you use for the hanging mossy bits. And did you have to do any painting to get the trunks and lichens to match?

    I'm kind of a sucker for tree modeling methods. I've got a bit of a tutorial here:

    ...but I might have to modify my methods to include lichens for a more-fantasy-less-realism look.

    1. Thank you,

      I'm afraid my technique is far from being as refined as yours. I chose wooden pieces of all sorts and selected the most suitable ones to me. I just planted them in thick foamcore card. The lichen is selected regarding the size of its leaves so I glue the thinner ones at the bottom and the thicker at the top. Drying the lichen near a flame gives the mossy bits you're talking about.
      These trees used to look better but a 2 years entombment in an old box of gaming scenery made them dusty and in bad shape...
      If I ever take the time to build new ones, I'll definitely try your brilliant technique for the roots.
      The trunk was not painted since they're in one piece and the colour suited me fine.
      The main advantages of the technique I used are that you can nail 10 acres (in 28mm scale) of wood in no time and for a ridiculously cheap price. (might do a tutorial to prove it)

  2. Nice. Simple, but effective. I think I'm going to try a hybrid of our techniques next time, to get a complex tree bole, but with those awesome, shaggy leaf masses.

    My tree hasn't aged well either, so I'm thinking a method that minimizes the use of flock might be in order. So do you just hold the lichen near a flame 'till it goes all stringy?

    I think this could be fantasy modeling gold, especially if I go crazy with the mushroom-and-moss end of it...

  3. Yep, that's it, I used a lighter and approached it near the lichen. The effectiveness of this method greatly varies depending on the dryness of the stuff though... (mine had stayed a loooong time on a miniature train shop and quite a while in a drawer of mine)

  4. Sweet! Thanks for the tip. One day I'll get around to updating my blog, and when I do, I definitely plan to do an update series on tree-making methods. I'll give you a shout-out when I do!


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