Sunday, 5 May 2013

Everybody deserves a second chance - 40K Chaos Part 4

Many people deserve a second chance and most minis do (even if there are eldar EPIC titans I still want to forget)...

As I'm building a chaos space marine force born little time after the Horus Heresy, I decided to be merciful to old lead friends from the 2nd edition since the force has stuff from the first to the last.

The Chaos Marines proved to looked good when equipped with more recent gear :

2nd edition Chaos space marines revisited
 The ones that actually gave me a tough but admirably grateful time were the raptors. Theses lads always looked awkward to me but this time I had the feeling I could do something. I wanted the unit but I didn't have too much money to spend on new plastics. I decided to spend little money on plastic bits to upgrade these and the result looks pretty convincing to me. (I admit I didn't manage to get rid of the weird body positions since I didn't touch the minis but only added fancy stuff to them) :


  1. I like the way the raptors look. I have a bunch of the old style ones unbuilt in a box some where. Where did the plastic jump packs come from?


    1. Oopps, A little google-fu and I answered my own question, they are the jump packs from the new plastic raptor set.


    2. Be aware that getting your hands on these jump packs is close to a miracle if you're not stalking every bits shop. When I got mine, the number available was dropping as I was making the order! (same goes for mk6 marines shoulder pads and many other bits...)

    3. You are right. I did a search and what I can find is around $10 or more for 5 jump packs. I might go with packs from one of the alternative bits makers for something, there are several that look good and should work.



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