Wednesday, 24 April 2013

Humble people, an ode to peasants - Brettonia Battle Part 2

One of the aspects I love about Brettonians is the contrast between the kights and the peasants.

Surprisingly, I found myself enjoying a lot painting these lads :

The trebuchet is a cnetral piece in almost every Brettonian army, its why I added useless scenery to it, the dead cow being an obvious reference to the Monty Python's "holy grail" and to my being french.

Brettonian Trebuchet
Trebuchet crew
 The mounted squires sculpted by one of the Perry's (if not both, forgive me for the memory loss) are really nice and full of characters. They're the closer you can get in warhammer to realistic fighters. Since I had doubles, I exchanged some of the heads with plastic ones, allowing to link this unit with the rest.
Mounted squires
 For the rest of the peasants I will simply show you the command squad (photos of the overall unit shall come later). I painted the shields completely with a rusty effect and then added liquid latex mask in lines and then painted the cneter in blue with the white device. I believe this is a good tehcnique but in this case , I find the mask lines I made were not realistic and seem somewhat awkward, guess I'll do better next time...
You can note the jester armed with a shitbag attached to a club (a lethal weapon in these days...)

For the bowmen, I added the lepper and only added bow parts on his back pack. I like the idea of a lepper shooting arrows with bits of his rotten fingers at the ennemy, spreading diseases (sounds like a very nurglish way of fighting...). The rets is just normal bowmen and special charcaters made anonymous... (with a poor attempt at OSL on the standard bearer)

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