Monday, 13 May 2013

Nurgle Warband - Chaos Battle Part13

Last time I introduced you to my latest Nurgle Warband inspired by the "lost and the damned" cover art and presented you its leader; th great champion on palanquin.

This time is the time to present a part of the retinue.

One of the champions I favor the most is the Halberd one. When I started painting these lads, I wanted to avoid Green as much as I could, but I finally failed and only avoided it on one of them (you'll have to wait to see which one avoided the terrible curse of the "green Nurgle mini".

Nurgle champion with Halberd
 I also wanted to show an older mini I realised a few years back and that got me the will to do Nurgle stuff (the Nurgle frenzy of the early 2000's was cooling down at the time). Pete Taylor fans will recognise the influence of his Tzeentch knight with a snail body. I Imagined mine as a knight turned into a sort of maggot and fly. I love the larva theme though it could have be done better. Anyway, I treated the armour completely rusted which gave the will to work on rusted armour for the years that followed. You can also notice at the time I had not yet decided to avoid the "clean greens" I despise now... The mini does not realy fit with the rest of the flock but it takes 2 places in the unit which helps finish the last rank in a unit and can count as a standard bearer...

The warband in itself is not truly complete since I have not ticked all the minis on the list.

Since I'd like to field Mutander Bubonicus as well, this warband is clearly not over, especially if I consider adding more exotic stuff such as beastmen, thugs or chaos dwarves...


  1. Those are some awesome minis. Good work.

    1. Thanks mate, I miss Mr "Sword 2" and Sir Bubonicus soooo much....


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