Wednesday, 15 May 2013

Chaos sorcerers - Chaos Battle Part 14

Hey lads, Here are some of the chaos sorcerers that got attention on my painting table last year :

The excellent Sli'ith Ironlung and Jazekal Ironface

Sli'ith Ironlung
 When I painted this Jack o'lantern familiar, I was close to painting it like The famous Pirate in the manga "One Piece" (I have to confess I'm a huge fan) :
I avoided the idea fo this time though I keep it in mind for my undead army if I happen to make a zombie pirates unit with a sartosan vampire. This time I might want to get my hands on another familiar like this and make him look like the future "king of pirates".

Sli'ith is a very nice mini to paint and it's cool to see the scratch parts used for other minis (the same body as for Darumog in this case)

Jazekal on another hand is a quite plain model but one of the too rare to show a sorcerer actually casting a spell (and a good one since he's using both hands...). I treated him with a dark green cloak but I sense there's something missing here... Still don't know what to add, freehands? chessboard edges? flames pattern? if you have any idea, fell free to help and Mr Jazekal here might make a comeback on the painting field...

Jazekal Ironface
 At last, here is an old conversion I had made a day I didi'nt want to paint rank and file but felt like hobbying... I love thses days, you just go in your bits box and you find pieces you had forgot. I might make a series on what comes out on these occasions. I believe that a lot of good ideas came out this way for the guys in the studio back in the day and I'm ceratin It's the way Pete Taylor's chaos spawns came out. Not intended but fiercefully characterful.
This one is clearly not at the level of Pete's stuff  and it only took a couple hours to build and the same to paint (low standards help) but at the end of the day I had a sorcerer on palaquin instead of champions bits and plastic leftovers... Please share if you happen to have minis that came out when they were not planned....

(Please be kind and try to forget the horrible "magic flames" attempt on the sword, it's wrong and ugly, I won't do it again I promise)



  1. Nice work on the Sorcerers.
    I especally like the eye pieces on Sli'ith Ironlung. It's always great to see the walking book too.
    Good idea on the Palaquin as well.

  2. Thanks, I like the gasmask on this one but It might have looked better with a red effect...
    The walking book is a must for any sorcerer everyone should have one !

    I still like the palanquin though I regret using the legs from the Nurgle sorcerer on palanquin. I could have used this bit to build an alternate sorcerer and swap between champion and sorcerer with the magic of magnets... maybe some day I'll find this sorcerer around but it's not one you see a lot out there. I used his head to make 40k cultits many years ago and his chest for a drednougt at the same time (what was I thinking then, duh... )

  3. Looks good! Also: One Piece rocks!

    Bones would be another great character for an undead pirate army. Though he's already undead...


    1. @One piece fans : guess a thriller Bark oriented unit could be fun too !

      @Mattias : Thanks ! I'm not sure about which "bones" you're refering to, do you mean the chaos warrior in bone armour from an older post (this one definitely is already undead).
      Anyway I remember a Khorne champion having a wooden leg and a slaaneshi champion having a hook in place of the arm, PIRATES ARE EVERYWHERE !


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