Tuesday, 27 January 2015

of the influence of Japanese culture on my view of the Grim darkness...

Sometimes you just work on too many projects to finish any. Such is my hobby right now...

A full plate of miniature goodness, just needs to be dealt with in the right order... Can you spot some things you recognise?

Well amongst all that I've finally decided to give my models some real playground in the hope that all the effort will eventually result in me getting back to gaming more regularly than every other 10 years.
And I just remembered that after all this time I actually had half a box of that plastic imperial city I had bought with a friend long time ago. This seemed like the perfect way to start.

First to come up, some sort of temple ...

Made modular  for easy access (I removed tha tcardboard base after some thinking), I'll add balcony parts and other fancy stuff but this is a base.

And I followed using all the bits I had to make other buildings .

With modularity in mind too :

 I've ordered a lot of spray can from Urban painters for a good price and will give the buildings a go soon.

I've also received this model form theresponsibleone from a challenge on teh Oldhammer forum. I nearly felt like keeping it as is but after some thoght and help, I stripped it clean and will rveisit the concept in a slightly newer way. Those who love Fallout as I do, may have an idea of the way I'm going to go with this one. Let's just say it will be gruesome and perfectly grim dark... (the original model is already all that).

But then I found myself painting some more vertically challenged goodness aka Space White Dwarf. This model right here is absolutely splendid and a real pleasure to paint. I was progressing very rapidly until I realised one thing... Do you see what I mean? Have a look :

No? maybe a rear shot will help you :

See what I'm talking about ?

And guess what is on my night table at the moment?

I have to say this was totally unintentional... it just happened. Now the real question is , how do I paint that beard? Do I go the full Naruto way and paint him blonde hair? or do I try to hide this, but then what colour ? Black would have looked cool if it were'nt for the black parts I already painted... ginger? no way, I don't want a space carrot .... Brown? BOOOORIIIIIIIIINGGG...

Don't know really, could use a hand here really...

This model was the perfect occasion to try blister foam weathering on the backpack. "Before" shot :

All smooth and clean, straight from the factory and now after hours of working in the workshop :

 Probably overdid it a little if I'm being honest but I loved the technique and will try it on marger models next time (Robots? who said robots ?)

And since Robots are always a popular topic, here's one I found in a pretty bad shape but which should soon be back...


  1. Great work on the terrain. Not sure about that mini from The Responsible One, though, it looks contagious!

    1. Well, the strange (that's an understatement) conversion with the gloss and the base make it pure oldschool but I'd like to revisit it to add some sci-fi elements and a modern paintob, don't know where this will lead me though...

  2. I say blonde beard. Go full Naruto...assumes-toi! ;-)

    1. Yeah I know Blonde would look good obviously, I just don't want to paint it white just to keep it off of the original concept. Maybe I should go the full Naruto way yes...

      Faut que j'assume en effet ;)


    3. Did you spot them in the middle of the pic in their 60% done glorious state ? ;)

      I'm always painting multiple things at once, just can't concentrate on a model at a time. but I promise they're never far from the brushes.

    4. Haha! I did. I zoomed in on it purposely scouring for them. I'm guilty of the same curse, myself. Glad to see they are at a significant stage though.

    5. Well to be honest I even worked on plastic Kaleb recently and felt the urge to finish sometime soon ;)

  3. Nice to see some terrain JB - it's a massive gap in my own collection and I keep on promising myself that I'll get some built. I'm interested to see what you have planned for the spawn and the robot :)

    1. Thanks, I've a whole lot of other things to assemble beforehand (found some dirt cheap spaceships to make terrain as well so I'll try and make a load of them at once with the techiques gathered here and there.

      Spawn won't be a quick thing and did I say robot?, my bad I should have said robotS. ;)

  4. Lots of good stuff on that painting desk... venators, terminators, tank thing in the back... hope to see it all soon.

    1. Working on a bit of everything is clearly not the way to finish a model quickly but there must be some point at which I'll have an awful lot of models done !

      Thanks !

  5. As always looking good bud!


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