Monday, 5 January 2015

New Year Post ! We need a plan...

OK , so as most of you know by now, a new year has come and that means it has to be filled with even greater projects and accomplishments than the previous one.

In order to set a standard, let's take a brief look at what was 2014 (I'm following the same plan as Last Year) :


What I have painted this year :

Models painted : 70

That's actually 17 more than last year so I consider it's a good improvment. I am not after numbers and only seek to get some stuff done so this is just great as is.

I have had a slightly more focused approach this year though I've participated in unexpected challenges that must represent 34 models out of the 70 painted (that's nearly half of them... damn). Though these models have usually taken the place of others in the paintqueue, I think I won't change a thing about doing this as it strengthens the link between modellists and is always refreshing.

You can get a good look at my Rogue trader gallery to see a good part of what I painted this year.

What I have played this year :

  • a couple of games of Munchkin which I also happened to like
  • A lot of games of coups d'un soir (yes AGAIN)
  • Very little if any video games (I started GTA 5 and played a few hours late in December) 

What I'm the most happy about is that I have finally managed to get real tabletop games and some Roleplay too !
  • 5 games At BOY including some necromunda, confronttaion , Rogue Trader, Gorkamorka and Use me (See HERE)
  • I've ben taking part in 2 online Roleplay campaigns, one of DnD on the oldhammer forum and another of The legend of the 5 rings on Facebook. I'm a player in both and am enjoying them a lot as it really gives me the opportunity to "play" without any bother about game mechanics and all. Kudos to the GMs who enable us to have that much fun !
I finally played a game of confrontation with proper gangs, a proper table and great guys...

Personnal side :

  • I haven't moved home during the year which had not happened in 4 years now.
  • I've had another child (a boy this time, just how do you make them grow faster to get games and do Kendo with these?)
  • I've been robbed by people thinking it would be cool to break into my house and take all valuables... they hopefully didn't touch any member of my family nor any model  so as far as I'm concerned the real Valuables have been left safe ;)

Blogging and life on the net :

After a year, I've finally found a sort of pace and balance with blogging. I've written 70 articles this year against 72 the previous one so that must ba my blogging pace I guess. I've realised that figures and numbers actually don't mean anything as most views come from bots from different browsers., some still wish to see some meaning in them though. The only thing I really care about is the comments I get and considering the fact I always get some, I'd like to thanks you all for the feedback, it's always appreciated and as often as possible taken into account !
Getting new followers is always a nice thing too because it also helps to discover new bloggers and great stuff, ideas and techniques which is the essence of blogging the way I see it.

The more noticeable thing this year is that' I've tried to participate in community projects whenever I could just because they were initiated by great people and helped bond everyone.
Amongst these group projects there were :

My completed warband for the Realm Of Chaos Challenge

Collecting :

Though I've never been a collector but always more a painter/modelist than anything else, I've managed to complete collections of models I've been craving from a looooong time.

Amongst the collections I can consider finished, 

That's what a complete renegade collectin looks like...
    • The complete Marauder Venator range. That one has been haunting me for quite a while (since 95 IIRC) and the mark of confrontation and the John Blanche Illustrations has never faded from my mind, for some reason this particular faction was one of the most evocative for me.

    • The 4 space zoats, Nick Bibby at work, nothing to add here, few models say Rogue traders as loudly and clearly as those.

    All these were models I've been wanting since I saw them a long time ago, be sure they will all get love and paint as I don't intend for them to gather dust in a drawer.

    I would also like to point the fact that I've been able to gather those gold nuggets because of the tremendous generosity of certain fellow bloggers/forum partners and dare I say friends. From links to certain sales to help, to totally unbalanced deals in my favour, to banking ebay snipes and even to plain and simple gifts, I have received so much help and proofs of kindness that I want to express here my most sincere THANKS to you all !
    I have tried to do my part but it seems nigh impossible to be as nice as some, slow claps to you people, you know who you are.

    Projects :

    I thought about doing some plan but to be honest, there are so much things I wan to do right now that I'll just throw names at you to give you an appetizer :

    - Space Skaven
    - Rogue trader robots
    - Chaos Grav attack
    - Helmawr gang for confrontation
    - Chaos Dwarf Allied contingent for my 3rd army (no infantry, just war engines and fire weapons)
    - Loads of venators (lead and plastics)
    - Some Space fleet
    - As many chaos renegades as I can
    - More NPCs and civilians for Rogue trader/40k/confrontation/necromunda

    plus so much other things I won't bore you with right now.

    So what is 2015 going to be made of ? Well I guess a very similar look with added tastes ad flavours ! I'm really happy hobby wise so I won't try to fix what's not broken, I'll try to integrate new techniques and projects just to avoid hobbying in circle but with the amount of fresh and cool stuff around I know I'll want to explore new shores !

    With all my best wishes to you and yours, let's make 2015 one hell of a good year for everyone !


    1. Great stuff JB.

      Anybody with small kids in the house and a day job who can a manage more than one fully and nicely painted miniature per week deserves respect. Well done.

      Im looking forward to the Leadplague 2015 output already :)

      1. Thanks a lot !

        I believe the kids and work do help in some way, the children actually make me more organised than I should be and they need to be fed, washed and put to bed for 8PM everyday so that actually means I have free time after that. If I were alone, I'd probably eat in fornt of some series or spend far more time in the net...

        As for the job, it provides money to buy stuff and stress enough to make me want to escape to my fantasy world filled with lead friends.

        So all in all ... I am totally looking for 2015 hobby wise, no hobby burn out in the horizon ! With guys like you around, there's always loads of ideas and motivation to pick from.

    2. Yes, 2015 is going to be a great year for hobby, I can feel it in my tanglebones. Well done on all your accomplishments for 2014 and i can't wait to see you strive for greater wonders :D and boy do we have some surprises in store in D&D... shucks howdy! :D

      1. Thanks !

        Strive for wonders, that's what I'm gonna do !
        I really hope to wenis rodeo you sometime soon amongst all ... ;)

        As for DnD, I'm full of vigour, chocolate and foie gras right now so hit us with all you got !

    3. It was great to meet at BOYL JB :) I've thoroughly enjoyed seeing your output in 2014 - blogs like yours have motivated me and you should be very pleased with your achievements.

      2015 should be very interesting!

      1. It was a great pleasure for me too !
        I really like that we've all found our own sort of balance and that the emulation created makes us come up with such output.

        Can't wait to share another year with you.

    4. Looking back on the first image of the finished figures it's hard to believe it's on been a year! So much ingenuity and fun squeezed into 12 short months. Here is to the next 12, lets see what they bring! Cheers!

      1. Funny how time flies isn't it ? Fun and ingenuity is definitely what I've found all around and it was a real pleasure to follow the path myself.

        Here's to the coming months ;)

    5. Congrats on a great year of hobby in 2014 and here's to looking to lots more from your painting table in 2015, JB. I second the comment above about anyone with little ones who can balance parenting and hobbying being deserved of praise- it's tough! You models are something I always look forward to in my blog feed- I still can't wait to see the probe droid done. Cheers and best wishes!

      1. Well thanks a lot, coming from talented painters it's nice to hear ! You're not the first to rmeind me of the robot so I'd better get to work and soon ;)

    6. Nice round up for the year JB!

      I'd do one too.....if I could be bothered ;)

      That's a mighty fine lookin renegade collection you got there. I don't know why I never appreciated them in my youth? But in the past few years I've really taken a liking to them, I really think they're done of the best minis GW produced! I've got about 2 or 3 of them myself -one of which I've converted into a chaos sorcerer- but as of yet not painted. I look forward to seeing your mob all finished up & desecrating the tabletop with their presence.

      Thanks for all the fantastic, inspirational posts this year JB.

      Now, when's the next "proper" post coming?!!!! :p


      1. Next "real proper post" should be coming by the end of the week (fingers crossed) with a Nurgle Champion converted from scratch....

        Thanks a lot, that helps keeping th emotivation high ;)

    7. Great work JB. Loving your work!

      Look forward to gaming with you (and the products of you blogging) this year too.

      1. Same here, Really looking forward to making it to Newark to encounter your ash waste nomads !

        Thanks !

    8. Your work is a huge inspiration. It really makes me want to get some Rogue Trader style stuff done. That is definitely on my "to do" list, but I don't shed a tear for not having done it yet as long as I'm getting other cool stuff modeled and painted instead.

      1. Thanks, that's my mood too, There are plenty of cool things to be done so as long as good stuff is coming out of the painting range I'm happy ;)


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