Monday, 7 April 2014

Rouge Noble trader and some pocket monster madness...

Working on various stuff at the moment I feel like having some breaks sometimes. An what do I do when I want to have a break from painting? I do some modeling, MWAHAHA.

Some quality TV time with my wife has got me the perfect occasion to do some sculpting on the lads below. While watching "the Hunger Games" I tried to unite a few concepts in one :

You may not really see the concepts in this so here are a few hints :

a little bit of him :

Metallica's Kirk Hammett

a little bit of them :

Final count downers : Europe
and him :

France's "roi soleil" Louis XIV
an all of this to catch a bit of what I saw in this gorgeous drawing by John Blanche :

Of course the model is not meant one second to be a copy of the drawing, the aim was just to find an easy way to build a character with the same kind of attitude and feeling. The painting will greatly help me here and I will explore some things I've left aside for now.

You may have noticed the model above doesn't have any weapon. I believe his abilities are in commanding and ordering around so he definitely needs a reliable henchman. Speaking of which here he is :

Yes, I do look like Bruce Willis with a wig... but I also have a power fist.

Well equiped, muscular but with a touch of pathetic elegance. I will try to make him look like a hardened veteran who has earned his nobility in warfare.

While the camera was out, I wanted to show pictures of models I received from a friend on the oldhammer forum :

Female Barbarian from the Foundry
I just love the nobility of this model, the neck is a bit too long if you're a bit picky on details but I find it gives a great panache to this model. The paintjob is really nice though the pics won't show, the side of the base displays some water to remind where the fish comes from and the skintone is absolutely right and well done.

Citadel rogue
This one is also a really good one, the rogue has particularly mischievous look thanks to the painter's clever idea to give him green eyes. I'm looking forward to finish some of my fantasy adventurers to get them in some game ir at least in some nice scenery.

Let me just thank him, (you know who you are) and express how great it is to have such a community around.

Next one is a little toy I found in a toy box. You may have collected the likes of him in your youth. It is a monster from the "monster in my pocket" range. I was really kin on those an one cosmix too.

You think his bite is dangerous, just wait for his punches...

These seem to be valued as fondly as old lead models are. If I wasn't already head deep in the lead collection, I could definitely see myself collecting those :


Mine is number 6 in the top right corner. He has a "25" tattooed on the leg like all of them. I I remmeber correctly, they all had such nubrs to show their "level" and I believe 25 was quite good :

"Monsters in my pocket" Range
If you're wondering why on earth I would want to paint someting like this, well just think about the good peplum movie taste it could bring in a rogue trader game, think about :

Dinosaur western in technicolor goodness

or if you're more on british comics :
The dark one from Judge Dredd
See? these are my little hobby holidays, I just spend a couple of hours tops on this and now I feel better and ready to nail whole units...

Oh and here's one for the road, it's an old one I rebased some time ago. When I got it, I didn't know what it was and therefore didn't know he was supposed to be an orc (didn't even know it was a Nick Lund miniature then) :

Here is what I missed :

From the solegend
At least we can agree it is quite a unusual paint job right?


  1. What a lot of awesomeness in just one post! :D I really wnt to see what you achieve with those.

    1. Thanks Suber, having little breaks like this helps me keep th emoji becaise I know when I finish my units I'll be able to work on those :D

  2. Never seen that Blanche artwork before- thanks for sharing, it's a doozy! I really like the figures you have going- the big hair and shades will be ace once painted up. Quite an addition for your RT forces. Nice one!

    1. Thanks ! I really like this expression he has, he will definitely be a real douche ! Just look at that face, I plan on giving him a pale powdered skin with some silly make-up. There's a lot to pick to play with him. Since they're just a pair Ithink I'll anage to get them painted sooner ...

  3. The Rogue Trader is brilliant, its like someone shouting "FUTURISTIC!" through a Motorola DynaTAC, or like Brian May showing up in Doctor Who. He looks like he should have a microphone stand.

    I dont know if its just the photo, but the henchman looks like he has a broken nose. Thats exactly the sort of look he should have I think. Those guys look great. I dont tend to push my own miniatures in that futuristic Renaissance dress direction very much, but I do enjoy it when other people do it well :)

    1. I'm glad you enjoy it, I have to say the dynatac and Bryan May things really made me laugh hard.
      The henchman does have a broken nose and I'v chosen this head for that reason. I really like to have a character that's between 2 worlds, one being where he fights and the other one being the noble houses where he dwells.

  4. Remarquable boulot de conversion en vérité et qui colle parfaitement à l'illustration... Mais je n'ai jamais pu encadrer le boulot de John Blanche (j'ai toujours trouvé son trait plus qu’approximatif, sa palette de couleurs réduite au rouge/blanc/noir... limitée et cette illustration entre autres me donne à penser que sa vision du 41e millénaire gothique est franchement n'importe quoi) : pour moi, les grands artistes de l'époque restent et resteront toujours Mark Gibbons, Wayne England etc etc etc... mais clairement pas John Blanche... et les articles du WD ces derniers temps à sa gloire dans la rubrique "Blanchitsu" en remettent un couche dont on aurait pu se passer (et d'ailleurs je m'en passe très bien ^^).

    Bon après, les goûts et les couleurs hein... ^^

    Mention spéciale pour les cosmix !!! Purée j'en avais quelques uns et le top c'était quand tu arrivais à avoir celui qui a 6 bras (je l'ai eu 2 fois)... Par contre je ne reconnais pas les monstres mythologico fantastiques que tu montres... ça vient d'où ???

    Le citadel rogue a vraiment une belle tronche de fourbe ^^



    1. J'avoue que John Blanche suit une pent equi me convinet pas tout à fait. Je suis un énorme fan de ses oeuvres du début, très colorées et pleines de caractère, j'adore ses illustrions des 4 volumes de "sorcerie" et jusqu'à ces illustrations pour confrontation/ rogue trader, je suis conquis par tout. Cett eillustration reste pou rmoi très intéressante car à ce moment il avait encore une vision de 40k plus large.
      Passée la 3 ème edition de battle il a opté pour un style plus brouillon avec sa dominance pour le rouge blanc noir dont tu parles et surtout il a commencé à tout mettre à sa sauce gothique. Maintenant tout est religieux (j'ai rien contre la religion mais quan dil y en a partout c'est lassant) et tout est sombre.
      J'ai évoqué le sujet dans mon post sur les Venators qui sont passés de chasseurs de prime à des fanatiques et aux rogue traders qui ont été supplantés par les inquisiteurs comme emblème de l'univers futuriste de GW.
      Mais comme tu le dis, le sgoût set les couleurs... moi ca me donne surtout envie de creuser un peu les vieilles références pour aller plus dans le côté cyberpunk de 40k.

      Pour les cosmix, j'ai eu aussi le Kannon aux multiples bras. Les monstres sont des "monster in my pocket" qui étaient basés sur le même principe mais en un plastique plus mou.

      Enfin merci pour le rogue, j'avoue que j'adore cette tête de veule qu'il a et je pense en rajouter une couche à la epinture, je veux vraiement un anti-héro, arrogant manipulateur et détestable.

      Merci pour tes commentaires.

  5. That is a lot of great stuff! The hair on the first two are seriously cool.

    Those Mighty Ugezod's Death Commandos are a favorite. Looking forward to seeing some more of them. I have been thinking myself to get these painted soon...I have the box :)


    1. Thanks for the comment !

      I unfortunately don't have any other model of the commando. I think Mormo was given to me when I was a kid by a friend who led me to believe it was a chaos sorceror which is why I painted him as a human. Since I've never been attracted by orcs, I only learnt a few years ago who he truly was meant to be...

      I would really like to see your take on classic orcs as those, there sure is a lot to dig in that area.


  6. Looking at that John Blanche picture, I was suddenly reminded of some of the old background from Realm of Chaos, mentioning that it's common for Slaaneshi cultists to have ritual costumes which expose one breast. Looking closer, my suspicions were only deepened by his combination of high-heeled boot and cloven-hooved boot. As for his tattoo, "Credo" means "I believe" in Latin/High Gothic: which might be picked up on by someone who knows the cultic significance of the exposed breast (like any loyal citizen shouldn't).


    1. Wow, I really like your interpretation of that drawing,n it adds a whole depth to it. I have to say I would have first interpreted it as one of those shallow tattoos people get without knowing the meaning but the image of a secretly depraved nobility is far intriguing, there's actually a lot to dig there modelling wise, thanks for the inspiration.

  7. Wow Monsters in my pocket. I'd forgotten about them! I had number 1 and 3, maybe more...thanks for mustering those long forgotten memories :)

    1. Cheers, honestly I had forgotten about them until I found this one in a toy box !


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