Saturday, 12 April 2014

"Shorty" AKA Ratling mercenary

Hurray !
One model done ! I've been painting a lot since the beginning of the year but engaging in multiple big projects didn't leave me the place to finish anything. Now I'm starting to have models very close to completion so I can take a couple of hours once in a while or use the drying times of big washes batches to put a couple of details on the "nearly done's".
I took the opportunity offered by Chico on his blog to particpate in "stuntie week"

Shorty has proven a very nice model to paint and the very size of him makes him a model that paints itself. No place for fancy work here, most of th earmour has a rough surface which leaves no place for freehands and th emodel is so small that you basically have to apply 2 thirds left paint on this one compared to any other model.

Her's a scale shot (I know I chose the worst modle to compare him to...)

The paintsheme I used has been designed to fit in my Sensei band so th eblue and red colours were just to fit with the rest of the crew. 

Only fancy details I allowed myslef on this model are the green shoulder pad and th eboots which I wanted to look like these kind of shoes :

These are actually Pataugas, not converse all stars
I associate these shoes with the old adventurers which is why it seemed to fit. It also breaks the link between the ground and the rest ofthe model which is important since the model is so small. An all brown colour wouldn't have fit and would have blended the model in the base.

You can see Shorty in the first place of the second line here :
Picture from Solegend
I do have a fistful of his friends on the page.
- Kylla Condotti
- Worldburner
- Irn Bounce The squat
- Old world Jack
- No-face Fargo
- Plunderino Pete

And apart from a couple of them, I think they will all join Sensei bands or Rogue traders. I'm only keeping those who look like bad guys to make some mercenaries.

Now I'm back to painting the Realm of Chaos challenge band...


  1. I have long been a fan of that miniature, although I only eventually got my hands on one a few months ago. Nice work on it, its exactly the sort of fun, caharacterful miniature that should show up in warband skirmish type games.

    1. Well, he has everything one could expect from a rogue trader halfling. I agree he is the perfect kind of model to go in a band to play the merry cook part ;).


  2. Nice - such a cool mini. Nice and old-school paint job that really suits it as well!

    1. Thanks, I tried to keep my style but to play it old school, glad you like it !

  3. Very well painted, he's a great miniature and you have brought out the details nicely. Like the shoes, the goggles, and the old style colours you've chosen.

    1. Thanks a lot Lee, coming from you, it's an honour !

  4. Lovely tiny guy! Very well done, love that style :)

    1. Thanks Suber ! A bunch of others are coming...


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