Friday, 18 April 2014

Models from the stuff dreams are made of ... (plus some modelling putty too)

I am pretty sure many of you will have already seen the following by now but if there is any chance you haven't then just check this out :

Our Friend Diego (Obscure Creator on the Oldhammer forum) has been working on some VERY interesting models lately. Not only do they bear his talented touch and show his impressive technical skills but he has had the very good taste to dig in forgotten and abandoned species of the fantasy and futuristic ranges.

First one is the Space minotaur

Which is derived from the concepts shown here :

Credits to the CCM Wiki

But there is also this brilliant fishman :

With inspiration from the famous piscean warrior :

Credits to the CCM Wiki

You can note Diego's sculpts differ from the originals but even my oldschool freak heart has to admit the new sculpts are better.

I 've already ordered those 2 and they will get their paintjob as soon as they hit the table but some more are awaiting :

I cannot encourage you enough to go check what he does and to buy some of those wonderful creations, the batches are going to be small ones for the time being so you definitely want to be there in the first lucky. The other intersting point is that showing support to such projects will help us to get new models of the sort and let's face it, it is definitely good news to see such wonderful sculpts getting cast !
Diego has been very responsive to member's expectations via Facebook or the oldhammer forum and he has taken into account a lot of the comments in a will to do a model FOR gamers and painters, I think we can agree he has more than succeded in his task.

Now go get some of his models to launch production :

on the forum :


  1. Great figurines , amazing details .
    Cheers .

    1. Aren't they? Really looking forward to further projects !

      Merci beaucoup !

  2. Thats a very well written article , thats it! ;)

  3. Love the minotaur!

    1. Oh yes ! I'm at the point where I have heroes painted for Rogue trader and now I want something else than demons to hunt... :D

  4. Replies
    1. Fimir you say?, No, merely a bog-dwelling demon-lizard rapist... ;)


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