Monday, 31 March 2014

Daddy I want that !

Twice in a short notice, I felt a strange sting in the back of the head, a feeling I hadn't had in years. It happened when I saw that

Taken from GW's site

And that :

Taken from GW's site

Though my heart lies in old lead and older settings, I have to admit those models really have a big appeal to me. I could definitely use them. The former is just the biggest piece ever produced and having seen many reviews on it It looks like a damn well designed baby. I would really want to make a sort of village built on the carcass of one of those like in the centre of this diorama :

Picture taken from the eldritch epistles

The latter probably has a bit too much of grim darkness and "gothic" look but I'm pretty sure removing the lions and some sort of decorations and probably replacing the front tracks with wheels could make it a very good vehicle, totally compatible with Rogue trader. Totally the kind of Vehicles I'd want my Ash wastes dweller to have to roam in the desert. Just think about it without the decoration and with a worn-out beige paint job and you 'd have a perfect Rogue trader version of the Citroen used for the "croisière noire" :

See, I'm no GW basher at all, and if I have gone away from collecting their latest products, it's mainly because most of teh last army books and codexes have disappointed me and that Some references are far less to my taste than old lead and settings.
I like my 40k to be looking at cyberpunk rather than "fantasy with lasers" but it's just personnal taste so when good models come around, I have no problem in admitting I find them good. This is the case here.

What's not to like about them serisouly?

Oh yeah the price...

I can't help but divide the single price of each by 3 or 4 € to see how many old references I could get for that price... that's right, I could probably buy between 30 and 40 worth of lead OOP models for that price. And with those models I could easily make myself a couple of warbands to play with, I'd just need to find a mate and get an old rule book from my shelf...

For far less than that, here is what I gathered with ebay and successful trades, a whole lot of confrontation gangers, and space adventurers for rogue trader. How many good games could I have with those?

I really like the new models and I could probably spend that kind of money using several month's budget, but I just won't.

Dear GW, our relation is definitely not over because you still produce some gems, let's hope someone thinks about me for Christmas and gets me some of the wonders you've been producing lately but right now, I just can't do it myslef... Or maybe I'll just have to wait someone tires of his and sells it unmounted on ebay, a hobby shop or 2nd hand online site...


  1. I know exactly what you mean. The baby titan is so tempting but it is precious hobby funds that could go elsewhere. The Taurus thing is weird looking but I reckon I could do something similar with a Leman Russ chassis (i actually have made some in the past and sold them on) and some bits and bobs rather than spending money on new stuff.

    1. Well, I'm definitely not buying a brand new version of either BUT, if one of them pop up at broken price second handed, I will be tempted considering the purpose I have for them.
      Someone on FB mentionned using german half-tracks customised to RT standards and that could also be a lead...

  2. You should see the new Lancer Titan coming from Forgeworld...

    1. You're the second to tell me this today.

      [gets to see the lancer]

      Oh OK :D
      Well, not bad either, but the plastic GW one is a bit bulkier and hence looks better to me (just a matter of personnal taste though). I probably won't buy any of them anyway unless I can spot a cheap second hand copy sometime...

      thanks Steve!

  3. I totally agree about the Knight, it has been the first model in a while that has totally captivated me from the very beginning. I'll definitely need one (the question is when, as the price is still an issue).
    I'm afraid I don't agree so much about the Lannister truck, unless it is for some rocking Ork conversions. Anycase, I'd love to see your concepts and conversions on that model!

  4. Ummm, the knight is hideous. Sorry. :D

    1. Nah, just imagine steel girders supporting the arms, stairceses running along the legs and a hanging village under the hull with towers on top, that's what I see and I like it.
      But just like the rest, it is all a matter of taste in the end ;)

      Thanks Fimm

  5. I love the Knight. Its brilliant. I would like to add one to my as yet not properly started Ad Mech project, but I wont be buying one any time soon. Ditto with the Stompa.

    I wouldnt hate it if someone bought me a Knight as a gift, but I wouldnt buy one myself. The FW lancer variant appeals to my soft spot for the old Epic stuff, but if I ever get a 28mm Knight - unlikely - I would be more interested in a fully plastic model for the sake of durability anyway.

    I dont understand how the Lannister truck got all the way through the development stages to production. Some of the design has potential to in my opinion, but it looks very peculiar to me. Its very toy like, a bit like that SM flyer that came out last year.

    I have very little interest in GW bashing, even though I dont buy as many of their products these days as I once did. I just buy the things that I want/like and ignore the rest. I am more interested in trying to make a dent in the lead pile and getting some games played than ranting about GWs inconsistent output.

    Anyway, forget the knight for now. Those Confrontation gangers need some paint :)

    1. Well now I know the knight is far smaller than what I thought it was, its interest has vanished a little... in a while, I'm fairly sure there will be some to salvage...
      You are right about the gangers, far more intersting and the game rentability (what an horrible concept) is greater as I said. I'm in the middle of finishing WHFB warbands but the sensei gang should see the light of day very soon and I've had a revealtion for the tech gang...

      For the Lannister truck, with wheels on the fornt and with less silly decoration it could be a really good vehicle, same as his mate, I'll lurk for some abandonned one...

  6. Im envious of those Confrontation miniatures, I would like to have all of those guys.

    Turning the Lannister truck into a half-track would probably make it better, but I dont really see the point. Whatever turns your crank obviously, but better looking, cheaper vehicles are available elsewhere so why bother?

    You are going to turn one into a Sensei-mobile arent you? I can tell ;)

    1. To be honest, I've been reading stuff about the "croisière noire" lately and it has given me the idea to lake one for RT to equip my nomads and traders when the sensei gang will visit the wastes.
      The lannister truck arrived just when I was in this mindset which is probably why it charmed me. I also think a big part of its design is pleasing but that's just personnal taste.
      For my purpose, I would definitely be well advised ti use historical models like suggested.

      Or maybe it is I want to want something GW makes.... just like when you want to say something nice to a former girlfriend but you can't find teh words...but that's starting to look pathetic isn't it?

      rets assured, all of this will be forgotten in no time. My focus is quite strong these days and the painting is going well. That's all that matters.

  7. Nice looking Knight kit but waaaay overpriced. Makes more sense to kitbash the village/titan as you would be able to control scale a lot better. You just need to build a good looking head and carapace from a Warlord to pull it off - the rest of the bits could be any convincing looking structural supports. As for that awful awful truck....well I think it looks very like a garbage truck from the 1970's. Perhaps if I want to create some members of the Adeptus Hygenicus if would be useful.

    1. voerpriced they are but you can already see some 2nd hand versions on ebay for half the price, unloved titans will pop out like lilies in a field an dthen we'll see.
      I see the truck is not very popular at least amongst the oldhammerers. Though it has major drawbacks in the design, I see quite some potential in this sovietic sub-marine/tank thingee.

      Anyway, I should focus on finishing my bands first, fa rtoo much 90% finished models are looking at me oni the painting table. It's time to end this so any purchases for the moment will be to fill blanks in my collection rather than for new projects.

      I think writing and hearing about those models has sort of calmed me down and helped me refrain any impulse move. A really good thing.
      Now I'm eager to show some painted stuff.

    2. Some more images of the Taurox were leaked over the last few days. In those images the vehicles were painted in a military green rather than that light blue that they went for in to original promo shots. Im still not terribly keen on the design, but it looks much better in that colour.

      Im eager to see some of your painted stuff too. I re read the Sensei stuff in RoC after your last post about them and I warmed to the concept considerably, so I am fully ready to be blown away by your warband. Hit me :)

    3. Yesterday night, while painting my Slaanesh wraband for the forum challenge, I was looking at the sensei himself and realised he was just 1 hour far from completion... but since I want to finish him with all his band he will stay this way for at least 2 weeks.
      I've opted for a rather particular graphical choice on this band and it may be a sort of Marmite. Even i sometimes think it was the best way and sometimes regret it, anyway, it will be a matter of personnal taste. the 6 models really just need the details and varnish to be ready bu tI want to finish my warbands first. As soon as they are done, the sensei will be finished, then probably some tech gangers and the venators should wait long either if your companion in crime fancies spending some time on a certain head (puting the blame on the others, what a shame ;)...).
      I'm also serisouly considering getting myself to the oldhammer event to throw some gangers at you and WP but the level of uncertainty is still too high atm...

    4. This looks much better, doesnt it?

      I hope that you can make it to Foundry. I was talking to Whiskey Priest and we are hoping to organise some sort of small, easily transported, skirmish style 40K thing. A bazillion point game of WHFB3rd or WH40K2nd doesnt appeal to me, but s short play time, high giggle factor 40k universe skirmish and a chance to have a drink and a chat with you guys definitely does.

      Fingers crossed that you can make it.

    5. That's more like it, less silly iconography, just add wheels instead of tracks at the front and ad some weathering and you have the rogue trader half track nomads and wastelanders need to cross the ash wastes. Another way to go would be to make one like in Judge Dredd but I find the bulk and look of this one to be good enough for that purpose.

      For the OH week-end, if I make it, it will be with a couple of RT bands but no more, I can't manage to bring a full army and don't really want to.

      What I would like to do though is to write a nice and simple combo of confrontation rules for the action with necromunda rules for combat. It would be a good way to have a 3 sides or more game with keeping the combat phases short enough to be enjoyable. I won't be reinventing wheel here, just cutting here and there and pasting pieces some other place to have a nice and easy ruleset to play with a fistful of like minded blokes.


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