Saturday, 29 March 2014

Steal your face - part 2

Some conversions require dedication, yep, that's right, dedication.

The venator bounty-hunter for confrontation are not a gang you cast "resurection" on that easily...

I took some plastic bits anddid some dry builds (well with some blue-tack) for them during new year's eve :

 but I was looking for some proper heads.

This resulted in me trying to steal the heads of other miniatures by taking prints and casting them in resin but it proved to be quite a failure as you can see in that post

The idea of making the band has no left me at all so I took a little trip on the background  side of the venators to see what could be done.

The necromunda redemptionists are going to offer their heads in sacrifice to the Venators but Mutantdale made me feel remorses about cutting the heads off of them for this purpose only. So I decided to go back on the copy way...

This time it would be pressmoulding.

After some very interesting discussion with Shoebox, I opted for Oyumaru and greenstuff and used this tutorial by the very same Shoebox.

Oymaru is the exact same product as instant mold, the only difference being it is not sold by the same companies and comes out with silly colors. 
I opted for Oyumaru because :
- It's cheaper
- You can have many colours (though it has no impact on the modelling whatsoever)
- It's japonese (Yes I'm that superficial)

Basic ingredients are simple :

- Some Oyumaru sticks (I used the pink ones because my daughter asked me to)
- some models
- some hot water
- 3 minutes

Pour some hot water in a mug and make yourslef and your wife/husband a nice cup of tea with the rest.

Cut some oyumaru pieces and put them in the hot water for 3 minutes.

Put the  pieces in sime absorbant paper to avoid having water drops on it.

And then apply them on the heads of the models like a maniac, screaming horrible things in a mad laughter...

It looks fairly similar to the siligum and resin casting so far doesn't it?

Well now you will see how the dreaded pink-blob gang is far superior to the blue-blob head gang...

Forget the flashes around the heads, this will be fixed, i even think I'll do another batch ut making sure the oyumaru mould is perfect, I kind of rushed on the first batch and I've lost some details but second batch should be good. I'm really liking how things are turning out. The lady on the far right side won't have the complete masl but just a part like a sort of venitian mask.

While I was at it, I also built the 2 nobles I had in mind :

They will have fancy hairdo like this :

or this 

If I manage to sculpt them of course...

Apart from that, you can see here that the nimber of Work In Progress is quite high on the table at the moment. 
- 20 red redemption cultists
- 9 chaos androids
- 7 sensei gangers
- 1 sphincter beast
- 1 plastic Kaleb Daark
- 1 adventurer paladin
- 1 adventurer cleric
- 10 marauder archers
- 10 chaos warriors
- 1 chaos lord
- 12 slaanesh cultists
- 3 dark elf crossbowmen
- 2 minotaurs
- 1 wizard
- 1 chaos grav-attack

Hopefully I should be able to lower the number a bit...

Just when I didn't need anything more on the "to do" list , I decided to build bases for my chaos dwarf swivel guns... (sorry about the very bad pictures but you get the idea)

I guess I can consider myself busy for the time being... ;)


  1. Those press-mould heads have come out really well. Much better than my attempts with a similar technique.

    Good stuff!

    1. It's not bad but it's not good enough yet. I have to be more careful when making the mould by starting with tiny bits in the recesses before making the main part of the mould. when pressing the green stuff, I start with little pieces I press in the recesses and then I press like a maniac all the stuff I can and it works quite well. I think the next batch will be good enough but only pics will prove it ;)

  2. Aces! You make me want to go and press mould stuff even though I don't need anything! Your painting queue is as long as mine good luck in getting shorter. It never seems to work!

    1. Well, just like you I need deadlines and the Realm of Chaos challenge provides me a deadline so I think this part will be done in short notice, for the rest, I really need to focus, the sensei gang and the plastic Kaleb Daark don't need much to be finished and they could be done in a few hours...

  3. Excellent work! Your venators are coming along nicely. Making your own copies of heads, weapons or whatever is a great way of doing projects like this without ruining other models that you would otherwise have to hack up.

    1. Thanks, it's thanks to Mutantdale and some other guys that I kept searching fro some solution to leave the model unharmed. I think this technique will prove useful on many more occasions.

      Thanks a lot!

  4. Good stuff JB. Oyumaru/Instant Mold should be on everyone's toolbox. It's cheap and it works.

    I'm looking forward to seeing the Venators get a lick of paint.

    1. Well, thanks for the nice tutorial, I have to say befaore you mentioned it, I was quite skeptical about pressmoulding but you convinced me. I'm eager to try batch n°2 to have nice and crisp details so I can start building the definitive models. Then the painting will come (let's hope the table has cleared a bit hen I reach that part)

      Thanks a lot!

  5. Hey, nice to see the return of the blue-blob-headed gang! And they brought their friends the pink-blob-heads! I'm curious to see the final product of your cool head-mold experiments, Mr. ALMan. Thanks for the desk shot/WIP collection, I always like seeing people's painting/modelling areas. Yours is so neat and tidy too!

    1. It was not that tidy 20 minutes before I took the shot... the pink blob headed gang is definitely better than his blue counterpart.

  6. Great job with the heads - really good result! Like your second to last pic with all your WIP. Can I spot a Brat gang in the back?

    1. I'm impressed by your eagle-eyes ! That's indeed a brat gang at the very back. there is also a tech gang and some other bands for confrontation !
      First to come out will be the sensei band.

  7. Really impressed with this, JB. May have to give it a try. That work in progress list is a lot bigger than mine. Let's hope to see some of it finished real soon!

    1. I have a warband to finish in the 3 coming weeks but I'd like to finish a couple of models in the mean time just to have the pleasure to warnish and base something you know...

      Thanks Ed!


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