Saturday, 9 February 2013

The lone wanderer - Battle Chaos Part4

There is a kind of minis that have a life of their own, some minis you don't plan for an army or any project but you love them because you feel a story behind. The golden age of the realm of chaos era was full of such minis and Jes Goodwin sculpted many of them.

This one is not especially designed to fit in my chaos army but could very well do so. It's actually this guy :

He doesn't have the cool attitude, he's bald with weird eyes and his sword seems somewhat too heavy for him.

The lone wanderer, he has been seen on many battlefields, before, during and after battles. He is slow but relentless, fighting whoever he encounters.
It's been centuries now little children hear his tale from their parents when the latter want to keep them from going too far from home.
He is said to have been the first man to kill another on a battlefield, and the legend says it's the very pleasure that ran his vein at that moment that kept him searching for more soldiers to slay. He was there when a man dedicated his life to chaos for the first time. He was behind Morkar when he became the first chaos chosen ever.
Day after day, years after years, he kept on roaming and quenching his bloodthirst. His mind is so totally dedicated to his bloody path he has rejected any other consideration including the laws of nature.
Though he's incredibly old, his power won't let him die, his weapon and armor are rusty and worn out but they'won't break.
Though he is no berzerker and he doesn't run towards the ennemy, he has in his very long journey, killed so many men that no other man on earth can rival his carnage, and that pleased Khorne...
He has abandonned everything in the world, including his own mind and body to his purpose, he has let his body decay and his armor rust, and that pleased Nurgle...
He has broken the laws of men and even those of nature by living against all odds, and that pleased Tzeentch...
He has been in search of the pleasure he felt when killing his first man during his whole life, and that pleased Slaanesh...

Because he has pleased all the gods of chaos, they have taken him from the hands of Morr on many occasion, refusing him the right to die. His existence is an insult to life now, when killed by a stronger opponent, his body always comes back in motion after days, months or years, his flesh livid and his armor rusting.
He is neither alive nor dead, he is just following an eternal path to chaos...

The lone wanderer


  1. I have one of these. I have him in my VAmpire box to paint as a Vampire lord.


    1. What a great idea ! This guy surely fits in an undead army as a vampire lord or as a zombie champion (counting as a wight king for instance)


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