Saturday, 9 February 2013

At your command (take2) - Battle Chaos part5

To give some extra power to this army, I thought about adding the Chaos lord on daemonic mount since the mini rocks and it's a perfect generic hero since I still want Lothar (cf. part1) as the general in every game size (I'll build versions of him on mounts and all but that's for later...).

Chaos Champion on Daemonic mount
 For this mini as for many others I used a special recipe for metals I use a lot since I find it good looking and very rapid to apply.
It mainly consists of a very generous "tin bits" drybrush followed by a more subtle "boltgun metal" one (feel free to use the equivalents since none of these are produced anymore). And then comes the nice part.
I use a mixture composed of :
- 2 drops of black ink
- 2 drops of brown ink
- 1 drop of PVA glue
- about 10 drops of water
I'm looking for a mixture that does not cover much but will leave a thin layer on big surfaces and drown the holes. I then just need to highlight with boltgun metal on the edges and with mithrill silver on the tips.

I've also recently added some conversions and missing dudes to the rank and file units (ie chaos warriors and marauders) :

The first marauder is a lady I designed because I had the remaining legs of a chaos warriors (you'll see an undamaged version of him in little time) and the torso of a 4th ed daemonette. The three others use parts of minis taken from an old MB game to help me go from a 25 to a 30 men unit. I wanted a drunken marauders because maurauders ravage, kill, rape and drink. I think the weapons leave no doubt for the first two activities. I'll have to work on the remaining one.

The warrior on your left (If you're reading this facing your computer that is) is built from two different Khorne champions and a halberd taken from onf of the new chaos knights (the undamaged champions are also on the painting range right now). The one on the right is a very conventionnal interpretation to match the ones presented before.

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