Tuesday, 19 February 2013

Kaleb Daark, The doomed one - Battle Chaos part6

Here is an absolute classic for old timers : The doomed one...
I won't go through an explanation of why Malal is no longer supported by GW since others before have done it and well A good ewemple being this one.

The very concept of Malal is excellent and I find all the fluff around hime deeply inspiring. In this situation, I feel compelled to have and paint the only miniature related to the rebel God.

You can find two versions of him : a mounted one and one on foot.

The chaos Steed Kaleb is riding seems ridiculously small if you compare it to the latest knights but still, it gets us to have 2 minis to paint instead of one ! The sculpting style (espacially the heads and the dreadaxe) reminds me of Jes Goodwin's but I'm actually not sure at all he is the actual sculptor of this guy. Feel free to correct me if you happen to know...

I've chosen to link my version with the rest of my army so I kept the black armour. I also wanted an old school feeling at the same time so I went for Bright red edges for the shield and the shoulders. Malal's device being a 2 colored skull, I went for a black-white pattern on the shield and a silver-black one on the armour (to keep the black-white pattern light and to avoid a "chessboard" feeling).

I painted the severed head with blond hair to lighten up the mini, but I feel now it attracts the eye where it's not necessary, maybe I'll do better next time...

You will have noticed the poor attempt on OSL around the eye zince Kaleb is supposed to have a Malestone eye. The helmet make him look more like a lost eldar than a chaos champion...

After that, I'll have to show you Kaleb's 2 nemesis : Jaek and Elwud Chaos. If I remember right, these khornate lads are the ones to have killed Kaleb as a symbol of GW ending with stuff they don't own...

For now, keep on painting my fellow leadaddicts...


  1. I think you were right to paint the hair of the severed head blonde in order to break it up a bit. Nice work; not many examples of a well painted Kaleb out there. Was never too sure on the identity of the sculptor. Parts of it are very Goodwinesque but some are not.

    1. Thanks !

      the head and very flat feet are really goddwinesque as you say but some other parts don't look like what he usually did (and there are no pouches unlike any other fantasy miniature he did...).
      Now I'm a bit more skilled than before, I could reapint him but he's good as he is now for the time being. Maybe if I get REALLy good I'll consider stripping him for a proper Paintjob. For now, I'll do my best on the plastic version i'm building atm.

    2. Yeah, you're right; a lack of pouches would suggest it isn't a Goodwin sculpt. Don't repaint him too soon! He's the best painted example I can find online. Mine has been in the chaos box for about 10 years. Maybe time to get him done. Would be interested in seeing your plastic creation.

    3. Thanks, well I think th emodel would really fit with your style so I have to say I'm quite intrigued about how it will turn out. You can see some WIP shots of the plastic version in the last post or by selectiong the right label.

    4. I saw it actually - just after I replied. Very impressive. I like what you have done with the dreadaxe. Will look forward to seeing it completed.

    5. Thank you, I'm working on it these days so I hope to fniish him in a not too distant future...


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