Friday, 30 November 2018

Froggish slavers - New Bizaza releases !

And these arrive just in time ! Here you have two of the new Bizaza slavers from Katsina's brand new  Kickstarter ! I love the mix of goofy and deadly they have and you can find throughout the whole range !
With the project in motion (I've pledged for some more of the scenery and might dive in on some more models as well) I hope you folks will all appreciate the love, enthusiasm and talent that went into those babies !

Here's the stuff from the new KS I had the chance to paint a bit earlier than some ! There's a great setting building with this range and I believe there's even better stuff coming !

That's quite a mass of Bizazas I have now ! All very cool and all requiring to get some tabletop action now !

Treat yourself with some of those excellent models via THE KICKSTARTER before you're drowned in shitty sweaters and other unfortunate presents at Christmas ! ^^
Now it's time for me to get back to some long delayed project I cannot wait to work on !


  1. Great models and gorgeous paintjobs!

  2. Amazing job on our models. Love it :). They look fantastic with your loving paint work.

  3. Lovely paint jobs. Although I have way too many unpainted models, I also like to support the community. I need to go take a look.

    1. I do try to select more what I get but there are times I just have to say yes. ^^

  4. Truly excellent work sir, excellent!


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