Wednesday, 10 February 2016

Mordheim Campaign round 3 and 4 : Fight from the heights to the depths

Today, there's not one but TWO battle reports on the menu as teh first one was rather short and simple !
The 3rd game we played during our Mordheim campaign was fougt against the dwarves of Edouard AKA Bood-Wargames.

The scenario we picked was rather unpleasant for me as it implied the champions of Law were split. A poor series of dice rolls meant I had to start the game with a single character on the table and that the opponent had 25% chance of starting on the very same table side as this model... Against all odds heh ?
Funnilly enough the following dice rolls were clearly in my favour as most of the rest of my troops appeared in the back of Bood's units !

Round 3 : Something rotten in Mordheim !

Aquila knew from the start it was a stupid idea to go scout each in his own, he resented himself for following the idea even more than he resented Warlock for suggesting it in the first place...

"Damn, damn, DAMN ! WHy did I even listened to that idiotic priest in the first place ! Now I'm on my own with a bunch of those stupid dwarves on the hunt... I'm going to show them what lawful means."
The dwarves were arriving from the other side of town, Aquila knew he could rely on his speed but how long would he have to wait ? The dwarves would most likely try to take him down with a stupid amount of arrows and crossbow bolts

Not waiting to get caught by the dwarves, Aquila left the house and moved hastily towards the town center.

That's when Warlock with the warhounds and othe rknights appeared in the rear of the other dwarf unit !

Swift and the fanatic dwarf tried to get to their Captain but the dwarf was taken down by a nasty shot in the belly.

Despite the pretty lucky turn of events, the champions of Law got drowned in everlasting fights

Glory wasn't for today...

Round 4 : Escaping from the cave

The 4th game of the day was played against Lucie, Cédric's daughter and she had brought a delightful band of norse fighters and berserkers :
Each of us had to cross the table and exit from the other side, trying to prevent the other player to do the same as much as possible...

Dungeoneering is a strange activity in an adventurer's life, even amongst the strange rescue missions and dragon Slaying, Fighting you rway to get to the bottom of a cave you'll have to fight your way to leave...

All the members of the group were assigned a position depending on their talent. It would be of th eutmost importance that everyone plays his part. The cave contained some antic Dwarven ruins and who knew what dangers might lay ahead ?

Aquila assigned to his most rapid elemnts the task to scout ahead.

To get to the other hand of teh cave, they woul dhave to cross th ethrone room and the undergound river but th enorse would have to take a similar path...

The scouts reache dthe bridge to cross the underground river, they knew that point of the cave would see most of the fight.

But a true Chevalier d'Uralex knows his place and mission, he never falters.

Unluckily for the Norse, the rawkus caused a flock of bats to flee from their secret passage...

And the group didn't have much space to evolve around...

The knights readied their bows and started shooting the berzerkers coming their way, the warhounds and fanatics would take car of the battle wolves and other direct threats...

The fighting that followed was short but intense, one of the norse men at arms managed to take 3 of my heroes down (2 of them with a single arrow...) and the losses on both sides were quite impressive. As a matter of fact The Norse lost their leader and one of my heroes ended with crushed legs, a wound that reduced his weapon skill and his toughness by one (believe me, you do NOT want  to hang arond with a toughnes sof 2). Hopefully, I managed to recover a bit thanks to great gains in gold and all but that had been the most violent game of the day by far (maybe to to the bluntness of my 10 years old partner).

There was still a round to fight against the agents of chaos !


  1. Great battle reports - I really miss playing Mordheim, and these write-ups just bring it all back for me. Those are some fantastic tables to play on. It always warms my heart to see players fielding fully painted figures when they play, and all of these warbands are so well done - gaming at its best.

    1. Funny you should mention that, the dwarves were actually finished the night prior to the games between midnight and 2 AM with 3 of us splitting work !
      I find a game will always be worth the weakest part but if you care to make good models and have a great table and people to play it, you get termendous levels of satisfaction I find.

  2. Wow. I didn't even find some time to comment on your previous report !
    I must confess, your adventures took places in places filled with great scenery !

    I noticed that either your warlock learned the ways of jumping safely or did not rely on this talent in his further fights in Mordheim ;) Great to see that the Chevaliers d'Uralex did not break in front of tough adversaries such as the dwarves and the norse.

    And... beating the crap out of a 10 year old girl ? You should be ashamed ;)

    1. The girl wasn't soft on me I can assure you, she made me suffer more loss than any of the guys !
      The scenery was great and I found the cave table to be particularly evocative, only wish I had taken more pics instead on being ofcused in teh game (half kidding).
      It's always funny to see how characters gain a bit of personnality during games, first, they evolve differently because of the skills they earn but even apart from that they each have their own history and gain their own depth. I won't be able to see Warlock serisoulsy after that stupid dive really and now he feels like Merlin in Kaamelott.

    2. It's the magic of games like Mordheim, the experience and the skills it gives to the characters and their adventures in the city both contribute to create awesome moments and stories.

      Oh and maybe you should consider not speaking to loud about being beaten by a kid ;)

      Don't worry, your pictures are awesome.

    3. I did win in the end but I suffered great losses in the process. ^^'

  3. JB Lucie has 11Yold �� great report as usual but only one to write against Chaos, Tks to the souvenirs you bring back in our heads ������

    1. Oh, all my apologies ! Lucie has been a very pleasant gaming partner and one can tell she's been well raised hobby wise and even generally speaking. ;)
      I'm still smiling looking at the pics !

  4. Hahaha, pure awesomeness :) Wow, that dungeon is terrific!

    1. It is, When I first saw that table, I was really eager to get to game on it. It was full of little corners and strange little areas, exactly how a dungeon should be. Not only was the modeeling great but the design was also very clever and gamer friendly.

  5. That dungeon board is amazing - and super inspiring! Gonna have to convince the guys we need Mordheim in our lives...

    1. That dungeon was awesome, I'm not kidding, and since it's modular it's actually an infinite number of awesome boards at hand !

  6. These are great fun. Great figures on a great table. Thank you for sharing.

    1. You can add great people (talking about the others) and mood. A real pleasure, glad you appreciate.


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