Tuesday, 9 February 2016

Mordheim Campaign Round 2 - The champions of Law and the quest for Warpstone !

So after the first round against the orcs and goblins, it was time for the knights d'Uralex, proud champions of Law to encounter new foes...
For this second game, I was to face the elves of Thomas AKA Pellox... We were each assigned fragments of Warpstone which could be taken by taking down any hero. The aim was to get as many heroes without losing any...


The quest for Warpstone !

The band had gained a few goods and some fragments of warpstone and they decided to return to their camp. Only problem was that a band of elves was doing exactly the same... As soon as Aquila sensed the elvish presence, he set some of his men to scout the place. They had acountered elves before and he knew this could get stupidly one-sided if wasn't careful enough...

Taylor and Corey hid in the barn with the warhounds waiting outside...

Aquila took the new recruit with him and proceeded to get the elves from the side...

Warlock and manix were waiting in the old Inn...

With the elves waiting for them to make the first move, Aquila took the bet to get around the old Inn and move out of safety...

As expected, the elves were all gathered in the old ruins in the distance, their bows ready to deliver a rain of death...

Most of the elves had gathered in the central ruin from where can could spot almost any place of the area.

Corey and Taylor felt a little isolated in their barn and a bit insecure about coming out by the ONLY exit which just happened to face the ruins full of elves...

Sensing some danger ahead, one of the elves decided to leap from the wall to get to his friends but the cold rain had made the stone a little more slippery than he had thought...

The knights of Law couldn't falter now, they had decided to turn around the elves to get them but the leader himself along with a scout were waiting for them...

They quickly assigned targets to each other...

"- you're taking the short fat one, I'm taking the stupid punk...
- Roger Wilco"
The threat was imminent but the humans were ridiculously slow for elves...
"BAM, mine's down !"

But as slow as they were, they were resilient and determined... The elves decided to retreat...

That's when the troopers decided to rally around their leader to prevent any bad situation.

Things were about to get physical at last, the elves wouldn't have their hunt feast and would have to come close and personal.

The warhounds charge them in the back (for a moment people were not exactly sure but some felt the elves were not unhappy of that...)

After taking the wizard down with his freshly aquired Crossbow, Aquila turned towards the scout behind teh corner of the house ...
Elf blood was on the menu.

"- You cannot escape LAW you fool... Especially not when it come in the form of an arrow or a heavy weapon"

This 2nd game was very fun, the most funny thing is that the only casualty by shot was caused by my Captain with his Crossbow ! I have to admit I totally shied away from the elves and tried to move around as much as I could but I think if I had been too bold, I would have deeply regretted it...

This round totally convinced me that my band needed some more shooting might so I bought a long bow to anyone who could have one (aprt from teh cpatin who already had a Crossbow).

With a second victory, I felt super confident to face some more ! I had suffered no casualty so far and the band and its equipment were getting better and better !


  1. As Usual, EXCELLENT! And the last picture from behind your winged helmet mini is EXCELLENT Too!!! Tks Again!

  2. OH MAN! You have me pumped for some village fights, ironic in fact.
    However that is a surprise for now. ;) GO CHAMPIONZ OF LAWZ

  3. Brutally awesome!! Totally enjoyable stuff, from the beginning to the very end! Bravo!

  4. Another cracker JB - loving it!

    1. Cheers mate, I hope I won't bore people to death with another 3 !

  5. Great looking game - particularly the very special terrain.


    1. Cheers ! All credits for terrain go to Cédric who is a top modellist on top of being a top host !

  6. ANOTHER epic looking game.

    The Shadow Warrior Elves are a bloody nightmare in Mordheim. You did the right thing sitting backand letting them do all the leg work. The open ground would have slaughtered your band.

    Well played!

    1. I sort of had this gut feeling it would be gross if I didn't keep a low profile !

      Cheers mate !

  7. What were the colourful hoops on the elves for? Another fun report and some really inspiring pics! :D

    1. The rings were just a way for us to differentiate the characters more easily as they weren't of the same level. Easier to tell rookies from veterans apart when you face the band for the first time and hence easier to make strategic choices !


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