Friday, 26 February 2016

Enter the scale creep !

There comes a time where like minded people just have to face the facts, bite the bullet, make the step or however you wanna put it.

There comes a time where said people just need to embrace the fact that they share those elements that make them consider themselves as friends.

And when those very same people just happen to have been united by their love of small men made of lead and plastic, that they have played may games together and plan some more and that each and everyone of them is a blogger, well, some things are bound to happen.

I am very happy to announce the opening of the Scale Creep, a blog I'll be sharing with some valued fellow hobbyists. 
It's not the first group blog you'll find and it might not be the best either but it will surely be the result of the best we have which is the will to share.

While we're all going to keep our own personnal blogs, we're going to use the group blog to talk about mutual projects and show what emulation between like minded folks can make emerge. We'll use the opportunity to show what only a group can come up with and I sincerely hope you'll love it !

You can check out right now the very first presentation post with all the members and be sure you'll soon have content you won't see anywhere else !
We've got games, challenges, topics coming that we'd like to share and this is the opportunity to give you different takes on a given subject in one place !


  1. I shall look forward to it.

    Though I was thinking, "By their power combined?"

    And then started wondering which of you got lumbered with the element of "Heart".

    But, there's nine of you - so that won't fly.

    Nine for mortal men doomed to die, perhaps?

    1. We're the 9 ronin or the lucky 9 if you want ;)


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