Monday, 26 August 2013

Kaleb's on his way - battle chaos part 22

OK, this is the end of the first step. Modelling and building are complete., There may remain a single detail being the helmet. I believe a skull would be more than appropriate instead of the sun on his forehead? I've been thinking about it since I wanted to paint the sun as a wind rose with black and white halves.

The helmet is made of an elf shadow warrior helmet with wings taken form a bat I git with the Avatars of War female vampire (very good mini BTW). I've been a total douche by not anticipating the issue of the big shoulder pad which makes the helmet hard to place. If I had thought of that before, I would have placed the bat wings slightly more on top of the helmet and it would have been perfect. In real life he would be unable to turn his head or to ben it on the sides.
If you compare this version with the previous one, you can see I changed the shield to have a big demonic skull instead of the multiple eyes, this will allow me to add Malal's design more easily and it reminds in a distant way of the original concept for the shield.

You can see I finished the awe by adding some teeth on the lower jaw to close the mouth.

The base has benefited form addings in the form of shell pieces and sculpted mushrooms. I wanted to give a less regular look and more twisted feeling to the base. I want this one to truly look like he's in the middle of the chaos wastes looking for champions to slay.

The on foot version is pretty much the same as before, the only difference being I added a malestone eye like on the original concept.

And here's the undead version of him, he has lost some hair and his rotting skin makes his face look bigger (the first case I see where an old model has a bigger scale than a recent one...)

As you may have started to realize, I always feel compelled to working on a ridiculous amount of minis at the same time. As I found some parts in the dettol box, I found an old friend of mine n the form of a power armoured chaos squat. The lad had been cut in two and the upper part is not usable anymore. I took the lower half and decided to cast ressurect on it. Here is what came out of it :

It may be hard to see but the helmet is a space marine one glued to a dwarf head for the beard. The torso is a chaos space marine but backwards (up is down and front is back). The problem is the arms are far too long for this lil'chap. I may consider something else but I don't know what for the time being... I really like his mechanical torso (the back for the marine coming in the rhino sprue)

To finish this on a happy note, the khorne champions are nearly on their way and should be finished soon. Her's a pic of the most advanced one, he just needs some freehand to make him a little bit more vibrant/funky and he's good to go.


  1. Kaleb's coming along very nicely!

    1. Thanks, I like him this way, I hope the Paintjob will be up to what I expect from him. I want to work out of the confort zone on this one, this will be interesting I believe...
      (You guys are very quick to comment !)

  2. Very nice conversion on the Kaleb minis and you painted my favorite Khorne champions as well. Cool.

    Like that you salvaged you chaos squat.

    Didn't you change the banner of this page as well? Looks good. /Hans

    1. Thanks, I still have to add free hands like checkers or I don't what...
      Yes I changed the banner , that was a try but I didn't change it, it looks a bit like yours, I'm ashamed. I must take the time to find an original look for this blog, it's too similar too other ones far better than this one...

  3. Great conversions. Live and learn about the helmet detail. This is a very exciting project, I look forward to checking in on its progress.

    1. Thanks, well, I have to say I'm happy to be done with the modeling (though it's my favourite part most of the time) to get on with the painting , I want to try new things and hope to learn from this... Time will tell (and you my fellow hobbyists too)


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