Wednesday, 21 August 2013

Honneur et Bravoure, pour la Bresse ! - Battle Brettonia Part 3

The work on the khorne champions is reaching the end of the tunnel now and a few unexpected guests have made their way to the painting range so for now, I'm going to shar e with you some of the brettonian knights I've down.

If you don't remember, I've chosen blue as the army overall colour since it's the colour depicted on the Bresse Flag (Bresse being the french region where I was born :

 The blue colour is thus reserved for the henchman and peasants whor are the duke's property and for the charcater who are part of the duke's family, he is the only allowed to bear his country's colours in his coat of arms.
This means that each knigt in this army bears is personnal colours with a little blue flag and blue caparison to show his allegiance. The standard bearers obviously bear the colour of their duke and region rather than their own.

Since the knights errant and the knights of the realm are made from the same plastic kit, I decided to make them stand from each other. Knights errant being young and rather poor (they most certainly don't own land), they carry bare wood lances and simple helmets. Their poses are the standard pose because I believe they want to look serious in front of the ladies and their elders. I know this doesn't match the rules which impy Knights errant are wild and all that but I prefer things this way.

Knights errants
 Knights of the realm on another side are richer and possess some land, they have coloured lances to represent the fact they break them less and their helmets are more elaborate. I also chose to give alternative and more dynmaic poses to enhance the fact they are used to war and battle and thus feel more confident and a bit more intimidating. Some bear golden touches to show their wealth as well.
Knights of the realm

Questing Knights were an absolute pleasure to paint, they are really charcaterfull and remain amongst some of my favourite recent miniatures. Any of them can be taken inidvidually to represent a paladin or any knight for roleplay for they have all their gear with them. I especially like the one with the lyr and the one rubbing his moustache.

Questing knights

 The dukle himself, I was really lucky this model has a lion on its shields because that's exactly what I needed to represent my country's arms. I remember the paintjob was the best I had ever done at the time and I still consider it pleasant (although there are few mistakes I wouldn't do now especially on metals). It reaaly is a nice mini to maint and I wish I had known rare earth magnets before. I would have loved to lake his head and hand changeable for alternatives.

Duke of Bresse on Hypogriff

This army is done for I have no room left in my arm box. Maybe I will continue it if nex releases appear but that seems puched back to a distant future.
I have one project though which would bring some new blood to the army, You'll see part of it in little time. Oh and I still have got to show you the ladies of the army (the best for the end as they say)

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  1. Brilliant work Mr A! Those minis have so much detail and you have really brought them to life. Well done! I hope some fellow Oldhammerers come forward in your area soon so you get all this lovely kit onto a tabletop!

    1. Thanks Paul,

      I'm actually making a poster for my confrontation/rogue trader/roleplay campaign to put in the hobby shop nearby to attract people (especially those not spending their life on the net...).
      I'll also leave some old lead on display on these with my contact. I'm counting on the old lead to get the attention of oldtimers !
      So far I only have one person which could be enough for skirmishing but as I plan on GMing, I'm still missing people...
      fingers crossed

  2. Very nicely done. I like how the knights kept their individuality but are also tied together with the blue trim theme.

    1. Thank you, that was the purpose of this choice. I didn't want to kill their individuality by painting all of them the same way, though I have to say it does look good. I wanted to keep the feodal look with many individuals gathered under a banner.

  3. Looks good! Must agree on the question knights - very nice minis. /Hans

    1. Yep, I hope there's at least one left I didnt use in the range, I want to make a new knight and would love to use one of them again, my painting as upgraded a bit since I painted those and I'm sure I will have plenty of fun.

  4. Lovely painting. The questing knights have always been the standout in their range in my opinion.

    The Green Knight of course being the exemplar that all Bretonnian knight models attempt to follow...

  5. They definitely are. The green knight is an absolute hit for me, I'm still considering adding him but would like to try a black approach in a more "none shall pass" style if you see what I mean...


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